Ten Big Takeaways From The 2020 Election

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It appears that the Democrats’ fevered dreams are going to become a reality: they have replaced one old white man as president whom they alleged had a history of racist comments, self-dealing with foreign countries to benefit his family, and major cognitive issues with an older white man with a more clear history of racist comments, stronger evidence of self-dealing with foreign countries to benefit his family, and a much more severe case of cognitive decline.

What a win!

In all seriousness, this is why many people consider our political class to be so farcical.

I’ve read all your questions, emails, and comments about the 2020 election and rather than respond to them individually, on this Friday, I’ve laid out my ten biggest takeaways and thoughts from the election results so far.

Here we go:

1. We have to do a better job of counting votes for president and securing our elections.

Whatever your politics, the past four days of vote counting have made America look like a third-world country.

Our system for counting votes in many states is simply broken, especially when elections are close.

But we can and should fix this, and there’s a strong precedent we can do so.

In 2000, Florida was the laughingstock of the world after it took 37 days to determine who won the state’s election.

To their credit, the people of Florida resolved never to allow that to happen again. And they haven’t. In particular, of all our large states with competitive elections, Florida did the best job in the country of releasing their 2020 results. They announced their results within a few hours of the polls closing, and there was zero controversy involved in Trump’s three point win, a virtual landslide, in Florida.

Contrast that with the situations that currently exist in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin.

The longer it takes to tabulate results, and the more one-sided the voting counts become, the more people are going to believe the fix is in. That’s just natural. It’s why vote counting has to be rapid, transparent, and just.

I’ll leave it for the judges to analyze fraud claims, but in many legal cases, there’s a standard applied that requires not just avoiding impropriety, but avoiding the appearance of impropriety.

Can anyone say that still counting votes, almost all of which go to one side, four days after an election — or even longer as seems likely to be the case — instills confidence in our democracy?

Of course not.

At the absolute least, vote counting for this long instills a clear appearance of impropriety. We have to eliminate this by following Florida’s lead and ensuring that a situation like this can never happen again.

I don’t believe this is a partisan issue because the mess in Florida wasn’t partisan.

Our elections often crumble when they are close, and this was the closest election of my life.

2. Will the Supreme Court get involved in the election?

I don’t think so.

Why not?

Because Chief Justice John Roberts has shown himself to be quite political, and I don’t think he views this election as worth expending his court’s political capital. I think he’ll work to avoid becoming entangled in this mess.

If the election was down to one state and there was clear fraud to examine, I think the Supreme Court might get involved because that one state could determine the election outcome, but I’m not sure we’ll have a Florida situation here — where one state determines the election.

Instead I think we’re going to have seven states where the election comes down to the slimmest of margins. And I think Trump is going to be behind in several of those states. Meaning he’d need to reverse the outcome in multiple states to become president.

Now, if Trump were to go on and win Georgia, North Carolina and Arizona, then I think the court might consider becoming involved in the Pennsylvania mess, but absent that occurring, I just don’t see the court weighing in in a substantial way.

Given how contentious the last two court appointments have been, I think Roberts will play the long game here. He can look at the court and see he has a strongly cemented conservative majority that is likely to be there, presuming decent health, for decades into the future.

Why rush into the fray of this battle when he can look at the results of the election and see, as will be discussed below, that Biden will have limited political ammunition or mandate upon his inauguration?

What’s more, if the court gets involved in a big way, and Biden still finds a way to win the election, then there may be even more of a push for an expanded number of justices.

I think the court is likely to sit this battle out.

3. Libertarian voters have to look themselves in the mirror and ask what the purpose of their vote is.

Look, I voted for the libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, in 2016. But I did that because I have the luxury of making a choice like this based on the fact that Tennessee isn’t a competitive state for president. I could send a message with my vote without actually harming the outcome in my state.

But that’s not the case everywhere.

And I think if you’re a rational adult, you need to pick your favored candidate in incredibly close elections.

Otherwise, you’re avoiding making a decision about who your president will actually be.

Libertarian voters in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada may well have cost President Trump the election by deciding not to pick between Trump and Biden. That’s working on the theory that around 75% of libertarians, which is probably low, would be more likely to support Republican policies over Democratic policies, if forced to make a choice between the two parties.

I understand the desire for a third party to exist — again, I’ve voted third party before — but if you’re in a competitive state, I think you are making a poor choice not to help select the president with your vote.

4. If he goes on to lose, what is the legacy of Donald Trump’s term in office?

His critics said Donald Trump would be an unmitigated disaster if he was elected president.

Yet assuming he loses this election, by an insanely narrow margin while increasing support among minority voters over what he received in 2016, what will he be leaving behind?

A country with a 6.9% unemployment rate that has weathered the biggest pandemic in 100 years. A new COVID vaccine that will be released early in 2021 and will represent the fastest vaccine ever created for a novel virus in human history. Three new Supreme Court justices and a remade federal court stocked with highly-qualified Republican appointees. Greater peace for Israel in the Middle East, the defeat of ISIS, more of our troops back home from never ending wars, and we saw no great danger from North Korea or Iran. Plus, he’s put China on notice that America will no longer be dominated by Chinese interests.

He reduced tax rates on businesses, making American companies more competitive internationally, spurring the greatest economy in American history.

Trust me, I understand that people don’t like his Tweets, but when you actually look at his record over four years in office, what can you point to that he caused that was truly bad?

I mean, if COVID doesn’t happen to hit in an election year — let’s say it hits in 2021 instead of 2020 — then Trump probably coasts to re-election on the greatest economy in American history. Even with COVID hitting, and the resulting mail-in ballot harvesting, he still appears to be on track to barely lose the election and to produce more votes than any Republican presidential nominee in history.

What’s more, the down ballot Republicans in the Senate and the House actually outperformed all fears too. At worst, it appears the Republicans will pick up House seats, and at worst, it appears we may have a 50-50 Senate. And to end up in a 50-50 Senate that would require Republican candidates to lose two special elections in January.

The Trump disaster that all of his critics alleged would happen never happened.

Heck, the Republican party didn’t even pay much of a price in the Senate or House for Trump, and they will be poised to have substantial gains, historically, in the 2022 midterms.

Sure, a pandemic hit and everyone wants to blame Trump for that because it helped their election prospects, but look at Europe. There are many different democratic leaders of European countries and all of them have as bad or worse COVID outcomes than our country.

I just don’t see how it’s Trump’s fault that COVID hit when it did.

And I don’t see how Trump can be accused of leaving office having done great harm to our country or his party.

I really don’t.

5. What will Joe Biden do in his first two years in office?

Biden will have just two years, probably, to be relevant in any way in office. And that might be giving him too much credit. He may not leave the White House for most of his first year in office. And I don’t see any way Biden runs again for office — he’d be 82 at his next inauguration — given he barely campaigned this year. That means the final two years of his presidency will be spent with everyone else angling to take his job.

We haven’t had a president enter office with no real prospect of running for reelection since…ever?

Which is why I think you have to consider this to be Biden’s second term already. He’s got two years to get things done, and then he’s overshadowed by everyone angling to replace him. (This is assuming that Biden is even healthy enough to finish his term, which I hope he is).

So what is Biden capable of actually doing in his first two years?

Not much, honestly.

He’s mostly a figurehead.

If Republicans win at least one of the Senate seats in Georgia, he won’t have a majority there. If Democrats win both, then he’d have a tiebreaking vote via Kamala Harris, but that would require that his entire party back his positions.

That would seem to take the idea of packing the court off the table.

Even if he could hold all fifty voters together in his Senate, does he want to begin his tenure with the most contentious move in American judicial history?

That seems unlikely. (Although we don’t know for sure because Biden still hasn’t been willing to tell us what his opinion is on this issue. Which is, frankly, an appalling failure of the American media.)

Worse than that for Biden, without hate for Donald Trump to unify his base, there’s likely to be a great deal of civil war among the far-left wing Democrat socialists ascendant on social media and the more moderate Democrats who still believe in capitalism.

Is Biden going to be able to bridge that divide and hold a fractious party together, or will they devolve into internecine combat? I think the latter is more likely than the former.

The most likely outcome of Biden’s first two years is likely to be gridlock.

6. What does Biden do about shutdowns?

This will be the most important decision Biden makes as president.

Partly the status of a vaccine will factor in here — when can it arrive and how capable of being widely distributed will it be when it arrives? — but Biden will also have to decide whether to support lockdowns.

Already Europe is beginning to lockdown again.

I think it’s fair to say that Trump will not attempt to lock us down between now and Inauguration Day, but come late January what will Biden do?

Will Biden support the idea of lockdowns? Will he offer any guidance at all to coronabro governors in Democratic states who may lockdown their communities even more than they already have? Will those Democratic governors begin to ease lockdowns because Trump is now beaten? There are a ton of issues at play here.

This will be the most consequential decision of a Biden administration, and I think it will override almost every other policy choice he makes in his first year in office.

The left wing of the Democratic party wants to shut down the country and provide massive payments to everyone while those lockdowns exist. I can tell you right now that another lockdown will be fought in a massive way by many small business owners, including me.

Lockdowns don’t save lives, and they destroy our economy. They are a failed policy to combat a virus that is not a significant threat to the vast majority of our country.

I want our kids in school. I want everything open. I want people all back to work.

What’s more, I’m not going to consent to being locked down again. I feel like there are many people like me out there. Donald Trump would not have attempted to lock us down again if he’d won. Will Biden? I hope not.

But this will be messy for Biden given the platform he ran on, his election emboldens the coronabros.

7. What happens to the Trump haters in the media and the media overall without Trump?

With Trump out of office — and Biden replacing him — what reason do MSNBC and CNN have to exist ? And most of their commentators as well? Trump was their Great Satan. If he’s not there, everyone turns off their televisions. Television ratings require conflict. But without Trump, most of these stations have nothing to fight.

Purely from a business perspective, MSNBC and CNN needed Trump to win.

Now that he’s lost, they’ve killed their golden goose laying golden eggs.

Their businesses are likely to collapse.

Given the rapid decline of the cable and satellite bundle, these networks were already facing massive structural difficulties in the years ahead, but the Trump boost over the past four years helped to cover up that business collapse.

But what now?

I think Fox News will be fine because they now have a villain in the Biden White House. Their ratings and audience will stay strong, but what happens to CNN and MSNBC? What happens to news in general? Heck, what happens to the New York Times and the Washington Post and the other arms of the media resistance? I think their businesses struggle mightily.

I’m going to write on this more in a longer column, but the biggest legacy, I believe, of the Trump presidency is that it killed the idea of impartial media. The New York Times is a great example of this. I’ve read the Times for years and enjoyed their coverage. Their coverage has become totally deranged as it has shifted from a general interest newspaper to a subscription-based business reliant upon around 1% of the American public to support them. This is an untenable position.

(And by the way, let me add this here: the Fox News decision to call Arizona for Biden was the single worst decision I saw made by any network. Joe Biden may end up winning Arizona, but the fact that we are now into Friday and the margin keeps declining makes that call incredibly suspect. Arizona is now much closer of a race than North Carolina. If you can’t call North Carolina yet, how can you call Arizona?)

8. What will the coronabros in sports media do now that Trump lost?

Today the SEC announced its conference basketball schedule. The SEC will play a full slate of conference games indoors with fans present.

Have you seen a single coronabro fight this happening or write a column arguing it’s unacceptable to take this risk?

The coronabros fought the idea of college football happening for months. Well, college football is played outside in the fall.

College basketball will be played indoors in the winter — with crowds present! — and with much higher virus counts now present, and these coronabros haven’t said a word to combat the idea of the season happening.

How can you explain that?

There are only two options: A) they now know they were wrong to argue against college football being played. But have you seen any of them write columns or Tweets apologizing for their anti-sports stance? I haven’t. or B) This was all political, and now that Trump has lost, they aren’t concerned about COVID’s danger for sports.

I’d like to see these guys held accountable for their opinions that it wasn’t safe to play sports, but so far I haven’t seen any accountability at all.

9. What does Trump want to do now?

Presuming he loses this election, what is Trump’s plan going forward?

Given how competitive this race was, he could certainly bide his time on the sidelines, found a new media outlet and prepare to run again in 2024.

If that was his goal, I’d advise him to spend the last two months of his time in office focusing 100% on the COVID vaccine. If he could deliver a vaccine by Inauguration Day, he’d be able to argue he officially beat COVID, but that was the reason he lost his re-election bid.

That would make him very viable in 2024, especially if Biden stumbles in his term in office.

If he decided to run, would any Republican be capable of beating Trump in the primaries in 2024? I don’t know. It’s a long time until 2024, and there are several questions at play here: will Trump still be healthy at 78 years old and be spoiling for another long campaign slog?

What Trump decides to do going forward will be the big wild card here.

10. What about OutKick? How does this impact you guys?

I believed, and still believe, Donald Trump was a better choice for president as I laid out in my column last Friday explaining why I was voting for him.

My opinion hasn’t changed on that front.

But if Joe Biden is elected president, I’ll wish him well. I’d like the president, regardless of party, to aid the overall quality of life of all people in this country. I think Trump, due to his economic policies, would have done that better than Biden.

But I don’t root against the president because I don’t root against America.

Now I may oppose some of the president’s decisions, vociferously even, but that’s normal. The only person you should agree with 100% of the time is yourself.

But I really don’t think the president matters when it comes to the success of our business.

I think we will thrive no matter what.

And that’s not just something I’m saying right now. It’s something I’ve been saying for months, all throughout the presidential campaign when people have asked this question.

Our audience isn’t going anywhere.

It’s been a wild one, but 2020 has cemented our connection with our audience more so than any year in OutKick’s history.

If anything, the OutKick audience is going to support us even more now than they have in the past because what we provide and stand for: the First Amendment, an honest full throated defense of American capitalism, a belief in American exceptionalism and the connective power of sports doesn’t exist anywhere else in the sports media today.

Yes, I would have liked to see Donald Trump win, but I’m already thinking about who the top contenders for election in 2024 will be and who I’ll support in that election.

I expect there will be twenty Republicans and twenty Democrats running for the presidency without an incumbent in office.

And that will be a battle worth following.

In fact, that race is already beginning.

But in the meantime, the OutKick race never stops. And I’ll still be here with you every day for years and years to come, decades and decades to come, hopefully.

I still have a ton of energy and a lot of battles to fight before I hang up the sword.

And so does OutKick.

Thanks for supporting us.

Written by Clay Travis

Clay Travis is the founder of the fastest growing national multimedia platform, OutKick, that produces and distributes engaging content across sports and pop culture to millions of fans across the country. OutKick was created by Travis in 2011 and sold to the Fox Corporation in 2021.

One of the most electrifying and outspoken personalities in the industry, Travis hosts OutKick The Show where he provides his unfiltered opinion on the most compelling headlines throughout sports, culture, and politics. He also makes regular appearances on FOX News Media as a contributor providing analysis on a variety of subjects ranging from sports news to the cultural landscape. Throughout the college football season, Travis is on Big Noon Kickoff for Fox Sports breaking down the game and the latest storylines.

Additionally, Travis serves as a co-host of The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, a three-hour conservative radio talk program syndicated across Premiere Networks radio stations nationwide.

Previously, he launched OutKick The Coverage on Fox Sports Radio that included interviews and listener interactions and was on Fox Sports Bet for four years. Additionally, Travis started an iHeartRadio Original Podcast called Wins & Losses that featured in-depth conversations with the biggest names in sports.

Travis is a graduate of George Washington University as well as Vanderbilt Law School. Based in Nashville, he is the author of Dixieland Delight, On Rocky Top, and Republicans Buy Sneakers Too.


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  1. How do you see the Georgia runoffs going? I know the GOP usually performs better in runoffs, I think the Republicans message to block the left wing agenda will motivate their base more, but I’m still nervous about it and all the national attention it’s going to receive. Ossoff appears to be underperforming Biden by 100,000 while Perdue is actually outperforming Trump by 1,000 – so it looks like enthusiasm for Ossoff may not be that high.

    • I am nervous also. The Democratic cheat machine will really get cranked up for this. They win these it is game, set and match and they will pass all of the crazy ideas of Bernie and AOC and change all the rules so no Republican can ever win again to undo them. (See California)

  2. Great article, a few of my takeaways:

    – The debauchery and incompetence of extended vote counting is a great metaphor for why so many people hate having to deal with the US Federal and State governments. Services like the USPS, DMV, and IRS are archaic and brutally difficult to work with. That’s why so many people backed Trump, because he favored smaller government and more personal freedom.

    – Speaking of media bias, I use wikipedia (i know shame on me) to read bios at times. This morning I was browsing people who I thought could make great Conservative politicians someday and every single one of them is painted as a liar, white supremacist, jack ass on wikipedia. They are not just bashing Trump, the liberal media is going on the offensive to slander every person they view as a future threat to big government and the status quo.

    – Much as we hate to admit it, Trump does own this loss to a certain extent. He accomplished many great things, but his lack of soft skills exposed him to being painted as a villain by the liberal media. We all thought it was funny most of the time, and he clearly did too, but ultimately I think a lot of women could not vote for him, believing he was nothing more than a p&ssy grabber with a trophy wife 40 years younger than him and that he hated black and brown people. If you watched ABC/NBC news with any regularity that’s clearly what you were told to believe

    If Trump does run again, it would do him a great deal of good to quit twitter, and behave more like Reagan than a reality show star.

    • At least folks like me who live in Republican districts and states can know we have some sane and responsible adults in charge. It was already bad enough being a Trump supporter in a blue state; living in one whose population assented to potential unconstitutional lockdowns, mask mandates, disastrous and violent foreign policy, must be absolutely infuriating.

    • Trump will not run again, but don’t look for him to be silent on the outside looking in. The media will continue to stomp on Trump and will never let up.

      Republicans have many issues to deal with before the next election. Not sure they can. We need national voter ID cards. We need to find a way to severely curtail ballot harvesting. A big challenge is to offset the power of big donner money and the thousands of left wing 501 3c organizations that funnel that money. These 501 3C’s are rarely talked about, but they are growing more and more each year. They are the driving force behind the move towards the left.

      Of course the big gorilla in the room is the leftist indoctrination of our children and grandchildren in our schools. That has been going on for the better part of 40 years. It won’t end without a concerted effort to introduce competition. We must continue to push for school choice and to fund YAF and Turning Point.

  3. The mumbling bumbling creepy senile criminal pervert racist bribe taking crazy Joe Biden will be driven out after a year or so by the terrorist cult known as the DemocRat party leaders and big Tech so they can install their chosen puppet, the cackling communist Krapmala Giggles Harris. That is why she was chosen VP to begin with.

    • Two years and a month or so. The constitutional amendment that limits time as president states that a person can’t be president longer than 10 years. So, Joe limps along for 2+ years, then claims he got the soul of the country back. Then Kamala takes over and can run as an incumbent (which is always tough to beat).

  4. Great column Clay. I can’t tell you how many people I send your columns to because they explain things in such a simple but straightforward manner. I think it might have to do with not having big paragraphs, lol! Keep up the good work.

  5. Maternal Mortality – Election 2020

    Post election letter to the few remaining friends (I live in Californica)

    I write this with tears in my eyes. When asked by others what I think about the election, I would say “I feel good about my vote. My vote was not cast out of hatred, but in love for the policies that are making America more fair, more free and more prosperous.” . . . But no one asks. As a matter of fact I cannot speak of this to friends or some family. So the tears flow. How do I retain my health when my voice has been cancelled. When relationships are being cancelled.

    Language is critical. Words are also being assassinated by re-purposing their meaning. But language is the window through which we perceive our reality. As Victor Frankl would remind us, when everything has been stripped away we can still control our language and perception of the external world. After World War II the Jewish victims of genocide in “civilized” Europe had to cope with that memory without empowering the evil forces behind it. They did not use the secular term of “genocide,” but rather reached for language that is more redeeming, if not mystical. In their tears, the sacred language of “Holocaust” emerged – a burnt offering on the altar of devotion. Not a murder. Not a waste. Not a defeat. But something offered up to a higher purpose even if we don’t understand. Faith in Sacrifice. We are not victims. Never forget!

    In 2020 we also struggle for language to redeem our experience of abuse. Do not misinterpret my next conclusion. I am in no way comparing the horror of the Holocaust with the inconvenience, self-destruction and betrayal of trust in 2020. That would be shameful! What I am comparing is our psychological and spiritual need for language that admits the cultural damage while encouraging our Spirit. How can we speak of the destruction of our economy, the kidnapping of our schools, and the corruption of the 2020 election and the political assassination of Donald Trump without feeling like defeated victims. What term allows for deep grief while birthing hope and renewed trust? What emerges is “Maternal Mortality 2020” – the death of a mother while giving birth to a new life. It acknowledges our loss while giving purpose to our pain.

    Donald Trump may have been politically assassinated in the 2020 Election, but consider what was born anew. This was not a repudiation of the President. In fact it was a rejection of identity politics, social engineering in our schools, violence in our streets and a radical socialist agenda. Trump received the largest minority vote of any Republican President in 60 years. The Republican party increased its number in the House and looks to hold its majority in the Senate. And half of the nation supports Trump’s policies of fairness, freedom and prosperity for all Americans. There was a Red Wave. And who is responsible for this. Who mothered this rebirth of American Independence? Who gave his full life and energy into creating this renewed perception of American Greatness? For four long years who fought against the deep systemic corruption in Washington and our federal government? And in giving birth who may have been targeted by a social virus of hatred? Trump may have lost the Presidency. But he was not defeated. We are not defeated. We are part of a surging wave. And Trump is not going away after leaving the White House. If he redefined the presidency, he will also redefine post-presidency. The election results may show one narrative. But the forces of evil have exposed themselves. Americans are not stupid. This most egregious and fatal over-reach may be a death knell to the lies and deceit of a ruling class.

    But the infant is fragile. And . . . we love our mother. We would not be at this point without Donald Trump. He may be sacrificed on the altar of politics. But Trump has only begun. And so have we. He has won the heart and mind of America. There is no one else, except those who hate him. I am not suggesting a moral victory. I am suggesting a Phoenix Victory.

    Maternal Mortality 2020. We have so much to be thankful for.

    Jerome Kocher
    Retired High School Teacher in California

    PS A debt of gratitude to those who inspire me by their compassion, reason and glorious use of language: Jason Whitlock, Clay Travis, Armstrong & Getty, Megyn Kelly, Tucker Carlson and the incomparable Rush Limbaugh. Thank You for keeping us smiling, laughing and sane.

  6. At least we will still have Outkick after this disaster of an “election” is over. Y’all are correct about Kamala Harris running this country, and for that I am terrified too. Reading this breakdown from Clay gives me hope that common sense just MIGHT survive during these next four years of madness. I am even more grateful to have my Outkick VIP membership after what we’re witnessing happen in American politics. JFC!

  7. Our President ain’t going down to election fraud.

    The longer this goes, the more impropriety gets discovered, and America WINS, Trump WINS, and all his support around the world WINS!!

    We can beat the eNEMY wITHIN…

    Stand up.
    Speak up.

    “Start where you are.
    Use what you have.
    Do what you can.”

  8. Every state should be consulting Florida for how to run their presidential elections. I understand states have rights to conduct their elections how they see fit, but why the heck wouldn’t all states want to be doing the same thing when it comes to the PRESIDENTIAL election? They should voluntarily come together to agree to be consistent. Some specifics…
    First of all, all ballots, mail-in, absentee, overseas, whatever, must be present at the polling center by 7pm Tuesday, period. No exceptions. If it’s not there by then, tough titty. It’s not like a presidential election snuck up on you. This open ended crap is asking for fraud.

    Second, it should be mandated all states have votes tallied and reported by midnight after polls have closed.

    Finally it should be mandated that equal political representation be at all polling centers to freely observe and monitor at every local, with clear, unhindered, open access to view the ballot counting and handling start to finish. It should be a felony to prevent, block or intimidate these people at the polling centers.
    Why the drastic measures? Because if we can’t trust our election process we don’t have a free nation.

  9. Very gracious to Biden, Clay…lib media never, ever was that gracious to Trump. Hope you’re right about demise of lib media but assume they’ll go after Trump big time—- hatred is deep, they want him jailed plus it’ll drive their ratings and circulation…

  10. I think Clay has a reasoned and overall optimistic piece, and I agree with a lot of it. But on the shutdown in particular, I think there is no question as to what will happen.

    Joe Biden ran and won exclusively on the fact that Trump didn’t do enough to stop Covid. In order to prevent Trump from getting ANY credit for ending the pandemic, Biden and the Democrats need to do a “hard reset” once he takes office.

    That’s why I believe that Biden’s first act in office will be to implement a 2-3 month national shutdown, along with a halt on all current vaccines to do more “thorough” testing. Compliance with shutdowns by states will be tied to Federal funding and will have the full support of the media. The restrictions will then be slowly lifted over time and the “new and improved” vaccines will be ready and be made mandatory, with the pandemic lasting well into the middle of 2022. At that point, Biden (or Harris) and the Democrats will take full credit for solving the pandemic just in time for Midterm elections with the promise that now they will fix the collapsed economy with more stimulus payments and bailouts for blue cities and states.

    What I question about Clay’s argument is that we, in any capacity, have the ability to fight any of this. How do you fight shutdowns as a small business when the fallout will be media and social media outrage and the forced closing of your business by your local government? How can you refuse to wear masks when my job requires it and the accounts I serve all require it? What happens when we refuse to be vaccinated? What recourse do we have as citizens to prevent or stop this? I don’t see any. The courts will not rule in a timely fashion and the midterms aren’t until 2022.

    I agree with everything else, especially if the Senate remains under Republican control. But we had a chance to have a return to normal in 2021 and that just ended. Whatever happens with the pandemic, we are powerless to stop it.

    • “I agree with everything else, especially if the Senate remains under Republican control. But we had a chance to have a return to normal in 2021 and that just ended. Whatever happens with the pandemic, we are powerless to stop it.”

      I take issue with your position that Biden will shut us down again. Clay hit that one on the head. Dems were all political on the virus to get them through the election. What Biden will do is take credit for a vaccine. The pandemic will go away with the vaccine. The virus will not go away, just like most other viruses. Sadly, we won’t learn much from the panic. Hopefully, another panic won’t come along during a presidential election. This one cost us dearly.

  11. Coming from Europe where the voting process is very stable, I can tell you this is a joke. We look stupid to the rest of the world. We look even stupider to the Chinese. They must have a good laugh looking at the banana republic we’ve become. We better fix it or there’s no believing in our process and it’s game over. I’m very angry to see America look like a farce. I don’t care who cheats. People should be heavily punished with years in prison, loss of voting rights, and impossibility to hold public office and work for any government agency locally or federally.

  12. You are correct with your Third World comment. However you miss a common theme. With the exception of AZ all of the irregularities, incompetence and likely fraud is occurring in Dem controlled cities. Philly, Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta and numerous other cities are run like Banana Republics. Cheating and fraud has likely been going on for decades. It is brazen and out in the open in many places. The GOP simply never had the courage to expose and fight it before. Trump has changed that. Isn’t it interesting that Trump is losing while gaining the largest percentage of minority vote by a Republican since 1960? He needs to go on air and tell those new supporters that THEY are being disenfranchised by the corrupt Democrat machine.

  13. The tired rationale of voting republican or Democrat if you’re a libertarian. If you don’t support either party, voting for it legitimizes the party and current system. US is one of the worst for having your voice represented. Case in point when it was founded the House of representatives Was one for 35-60k people or so. Today it’s about one in 700+k, among the worst in the globe. No the system won’t change voting libertarian. But it doesn’t legitimize it. And people who vote for someone they don’t support have no principles and don’t want change.

  14. Clay, I have been a passive reader of Outkick for some time but pulled the trigger and joined VIP today. Since you have a law background can you add some context on point #6 on what Biden can and cannot do if/when he assumes executive office regarding shutdowns at a federal level. I write this because I fear there will be another shutdown, but this time at a federal level (is this possible?) and fear I will lose my job in 2021, even though I live in a solid red state and work at a company listed on the DJIA. I am sure several other folks are wondering the same thing. Thanks for the insight. GBO

  15. This is in the early innings of a long game. I paraphrase, as God said in the Big Inning, Word

    Let us now pull out all the stops. In Nomine Patris, Et Filli, et Spiritus Sancti…. Let us pray. Thank God for giving us Donald J. Trump at our nation’s darkest hour. Please keep him safe. And, together, as if hand-in-hand, we pray, Praise the Lord, but, just in case, pass the ammunition. Laus Deo.

    Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum, Amen.

    • Last I checked, the media doesn’t determine the winner of elections. Biden is no more president or president-elect today than he was a week ago. He may become those things in due time, but until electors are certified and any litigation is resolved, he is president of precisely nothing. I find it bizarre that people are celebrating a Biden victory because the corporate media proclaimed it to be so.

  16. Clay, haven’t posted in a bit. So measured in your review. I would think FLA Governor would be great for 2024 but probably will go the way of Christie, Giuliani etc.. The hate for Trump propelled Biden into a job he has no capacity to handle. Who will be in charge? Harris? Seriously, I don’t normally worry about this but I’m worried. CNN will have to rely on their airport viewing to keep up the numbers (who decides this?). MSNBC will crash and burn – slamming non descript Republican lawmakers will not get viewers. My God you will all miss Trump.

  17. Clay,

    Thanks for my Saturday Morning fix of Outkick. As always well written.

    Would love for your team to compile a list of the coronabros and the stupid things they write or say. You should have your top 25 list.

    Enjoy the wonderful week of football. Thanks for fighting to help make college football happen in 2020.

  18. The Outkicks, Daily Wire, Brietbart, Blaze, Daily Beast, Epoch Times, etc, are the future.
    I’m 66, and these are becoming my dominate sources of information.
    Your future is probably one of the brightest among those.
    And please don’t be afraid to expand into more social and non-sports areas, a lot of people like the one stop shopping.
    Keep on keepin on.

  19. My hope, is that Trump is finally defeated, is that he will start a grass roots PAC for true conservatives. He will rally for true conservatives, and fight ballot harvesting laws, etc. He can still bring SO MUCH energy to oppose the marxist agenda.

  20. Nice article Clay , will be a long 4 years for sure and think the landscape for politics changed forever. I think after 4 years of a Harris Biden administration people will see even more the appeal Donald Trump had from his supporters.

  21. Loved the column, Clay. We know you are here for us and we are thankful for that. Looking forward to more great things happening with Outkick going forward … and don’t forget that 2nd Amendment we need as well!

  22. SORRY CLAY – BUT NO. If Biden holds on to this lead… this election that was absolutely stolen from Trump, this non legal ballet counting, this non verified, lets-keep-counting-BS-ballots-and-made-up-ballots-that-someone-dropped-off-after-voting-was-done-until-we-get-the-numbers-that-we-need – THEN NO, I am absolutely not wishing Biden well. And that’s because I AM AMERICAN and I DO ROOT for AMERICA.
    Just look at their plans -they’re gonna raise everyone’s taxes – by getting rid of Trumps tax cuts for the people (and that definitely affects the middle class), and implementing the Green New Dumb Deal, money’s gotta come from somewhere??? (more tax raises for the people)- get rid of jobs by ending fracking, getting rid of oil and lose more jobs because we are know gonna be dependent on foreign oil again, and shutting down the economy which means shutting down more jobs, unemployment goes up and we start fighting for toilet paper again. And he’ll put together committee’s, and more committee’s and did I mention more committee’s because somehow he thinks he can do a better job with the China virus….seriously?
    So again, I am pulling for America and Americans who love this country and want what’s best for them and the people – So no I don’t send of any Hallmark moments wishing Biden well.

  23. Fox is as done as CNN and MSNBC, they have shown with their bizarre early call of Arizona for Biden while refusing to call Florida, Texas or Alaska for Trump despite many more votes being in, and their immediate jumping on the “anoint Biden” media circus, that they are basically CNN-lite. They will actually do even worse, as now no one on either side will watch them.

  24. Good article, Clay. All the talking points cover all the bases. I think the takeaway here is that America will endure whatever the Left tries to do. With Trump losing the election we may have lost a battle, but there is still a war to be won. I believe The Trump News Corp (or whatever it will be called) will launch and become a force in the new media. His platform will continue to grow and become a HUGE influence on the next Republican candidate in 2024, whether it`s him or someone else. The lasting effect of the Trump presidency is his exposure of the mainstream media. How ironic will it be that Donald Trump will be the drug that CNN, MSNBC can`t get off of before they crash and burn? In closing, setback today, but victory in the future…….

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