Teen With Incredible Resolve Swallows Phone To Win Fight With Brother

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Can you hear me now?

Not really!

A teen in India went to great lengths to end an argument with her brother, reportedly swallowing an entire cell phone and promptly getting her stomach pumped two hours later.

And that, boys and girls in the siblings business, is what we call a mic drop.

“The dispute between siblings led to a turn of events,” an unnamed doctor involved in the surgery told the Times of India of the sibling squabble, which occurred last Friday in the Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh.

“As tempers flared during their argument, she took an impulsive step by swallowing the cell phone.”

Teen swallows phone to win fight.
Teen in India shows great fight.

Swallowing an entire cell phone is a wild way to win a fight

Incredible. I’m the oldest of three siblings, and I can confidently say there were many arguments back in the day that I would have gladly ended by swallowing a phone. Easy choice.

There’s nothing more satisfying than winning an argument against your brother or sister — or your parents, if we’re being real. There’s just something about it.

The rush you get when you can just see they’re defeated. The thrill of victory after a long battle is exhilarating in any case, but it’s amplified when your little brother is at the other end of it.

Now, I say all of that with one small caveat — when I argued with my siblings, we were all like 12. This girl was — checks notes — 18.


Anyway, I don’t know how she managed to get this Nokia 3000 down her gullet in one piece, but she did and it quickly backfired.

The doc stated this girl couldn’t stop vomiting and had violent bellyaches in the hours after swallowing a cell phone, and was rushed to the hospital where they determined they should probably get this bad boy out.

Two hours later, the phone was extracted and all was well once again. Upon first look, it looks like the phone may be just fine, too!


And yes, these photos are gross. You’ve been warned.

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