Ted Cruz Joins Clay For Must-Listen Discussion On Super Bowl, Censorship and More

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Senator Ted Cruz joined OutKick’s Clay Travis on Wins & Losses this week, and the interview is as good as one would expect. The two work their way through a variety of captivating topics, including the Super Bowl, censorship from Big Tech and the NBA’s relationship with China.

The discussion on Big Tech was certainly of note. The decision of social media platforms to use the power of censorship to silence one group while simultaneously influencing another is both dangerous and alarming.

Clay provides a great example that is specific to OutKick, which illustrates how censorship can affect the financial side of businesses. Meanwhile, Senator Cruz dives into the weeds about its dangers and its ability to sway public opinion.

“Terrifying, fascinating and I think the story of our age,” Clay says while discussing censorship.

It doesn’t stop there, though. This is a jam-packed episode of Wins & Losses that is definitely worth a listen. If you want to take in the entire 50-minute interview, just click this link or the tweet from Clay below.

Written by Clint Lamb

Clint Lamb is a College Football Writer for OutKick. Managing Editor for Roll Tide Wire. Sports radio host for The Bullpen on 730/103.9 The UMP. Co-host for The 'Bama Beat podcast through The Tuscaloosa News and TideSports.com.


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  1. Ted. If you and the Republicans had done your job when you controlled congress and the Presidency. You would have reformed section 230. The tech corps have been using their monopoly power for years but it just didn’t get noticed in Washington until it started to hurt members of congress.

    Silicon Valley bought the Democrats in the House years ago. Wall Street bought Chuck Schumer and the Senate Democrats. You knew what would happen when they controlled congress. You failed to lead when you had the power .

  2. Another ‘A Game’ interview from the man. Well done, as always, Clay!
    And thank you, both, for intelligently and necessarily addressing
    THE issue of today’s America – BIG TECH CENSORSHIP.

    And I’m really impressed with Senator Cruz’ sports knowledge!
    That story about his daughter’s questions about the Astros brought tears.
    My opinion of Ted Cruz just skyrocketed…

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