Tebows Celebrate Their Golden Retriever’s Birthday, Josh Allen Snow Sculpture & Bernie Joins D-Generation X

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My dad is tearing up the old-timer trailer park golf scene in Marco Island/Naples

I received a report from my uncle this week that my dad’s golf game is dialed in right now on the courses around Naples and Marco Island. The trailer park golf league newsletter noted that my dad tied for 1st place Tuesday with a sizzling hot 73 on a par 61 course that included two birdies and a tee shot on No. 8 that “just bumped the flag and was an eight-inch birdie putt,” according to my uncle.

Why is this a big deal? Last summer my dad, 65, went through throat cancer treatment over a brutal eight-week stretch that had him looking like death when I saw him just before Labor Day. I didn’t ask him his weight, but it looked like he was all of 120 pounds. By October, just before he left for Florida, he was eating well and gaining weight. Then in December, he tells me he’s back to golfing, which he hadn’t done much of for what feels like the past 15 years. Now here we are in mid-January, and I’m getting reports that he’s taking all the money in the retiree trailer park league.

The best thing my father could’ve ever done is leave Ohio behind from October to mid-April. Instead of busting his ass working six days a week for the last 18 years after retiring at 47, he’s ripping off 73s at the course and boating around Marco Island. I’m telling you right now, beg your parents to go enjoy life down in the warmth where they can stretch those bones. Tell them to buy a trailer just off Marco and get busy living.

• AFC Championship tickets continue to sit at just over $600. Good luck if you’re looking to score NFC Championship tickets. The resale market isn’t showing a stockpile, and the Packers released just 6,500 to the public. It’s going to be one of the hardest tickets to get in Packers history.

• It’s been a rough week for crypto. The currency is down about $100 billion in 48 hours. The guy who has 7,000 coins locked in a vault to which he can’t remember the password has to feel better. The only problem? He bought more Bitcoin and now that’s losing value. Tough spot to be in.

• That’s all I have this morning. Time to jump on the radio with Clay and recap the week that was around here.

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