Team USA Paintball Player Kicked Off Team For ‘Fat-Shaming’ Teen, Suggesting Treadmill Over Vaccine

Team USA Paintball player Jessica Maiolo has been kicked off the squad for allegedly fat-shaming a teen via a video where she recommends a treadmill for the 17-year-old high school football player instead of a COVID vaccine. Maiolo said on a video that the teen, David Espino, needs a “f–king treadmill.”

It didn’t take long before the vaxx warriors, led by a woman named Savannah, who goes by RX0rcist on TikTok, went to war with Maiolo and alerted Team USA Paintball of the video. One thing led to another, and the organization said it cut ties with the fitness trainer. “We try to respect every individual’s right to have opinions and express them personally,” Team USA Paintball said in a statement. “Our investigation into the troubling conduct of Ms. Maiolo has been concluded and we have decided to remove her from the team indefinitely.”

TikTok rode in and banned Maiolo, and her Instagram page is also down. Meanwhile, Savannah the Vaxx Warrior wasn’t finished. She went after Team USA Paintball sponsors. That led to the organization releasing another statement where it said it wouldn’t tolerate “discrimination or bullying of any kind.”

In an interview with Good Morning America, Espino’s mother said she planned on getting her son the shot, but that vacations messed up the schedule. “Then for one thing or another, it just kind of, I pushed it back.”

Before her Instagram went dark, Maiolo said it was “never my intention to shame any individual.”

“What started out as me expressing my personal opinion about something I feel quite passionately about, has turned into a moment of regret for the situation I have put my teammates, our sponsors and the sport I love into,” she wrote.

“If I were to have such a moment again to convey my full thoughts, I would choose my words more carefully and consider how my opinions may affect others,” she added.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. The psycho online that got called US paintball on her does this to people all the time. She’s a real nutjob. She needs someone to put her in her place. I can’t stand scumbags that get off on ruining someone’s life. Karma is a bitch though.

  2. No, Jessica, everybody knows if you are on a Team USA of anything, you express disgust in your country and turn your back on it’s flag, you don’t criticize someone else’s lifestyle choices. Somehow those choices are probably the fault of the country in general anyway. You’ll get it.

    • Got ready to type you’re an idiot and a pussy but finally my sarcasm detector turned on. Carry on sir. Also, Jessica is a patriot. Being that she made a joke about Big Mike makes her pretty funny in my book as well. I hate keyboard warriors who sit at home and search the interweb for things to cancel regular people for. Regular people that losing their job or sponsorship is a really huge deal and earth shattering. Those are the types of people I hope get trapped in a flood or struck by lightning. Real asshole types.

  3. Whitlock said it great on Tucker last night, racism and any social justice cause is the new gold rush and people are just mining it trying to get paid. They SJW doesn’t actually care about the kid in the hospital just that some white lady must pay.

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