Teacher Fired For Shooting OnlyFans Content In Her Classroom Planning Revenge On Family Friend Who Exposed Her

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If you thought former middle school teacher turned adult content creator, Samantha Peer, was going to sit back and enjoy the increase in pay that came along with her career change you’d be wrong. She is, instead, plotting her revenge against the person who outed her then side gig.

Peer, aka Khloe Karter, recently revealed that her new career enabled her to pay off some of her debt. This, despite being kicked off of OnlyFans for filming content in a public place. She found a new home for her content and has been raking in the cash ever since.

Samantha Peer Khloe Karter
Teacher turned adult content creator (Image Credit: Samantha Peer/Instagram)

Lining her pockets doesn’t mean she’s not coming after the family friend who exposed her. Peer took to Twitter earlier this week to warn that she has revenge on her mind.

She tweeted, “In November, a family friend decided to expose my identity to national news. This morning, I realized her husband and I workout at the same time in the morning. karma is coming you fucking cunt.”

Now that might sound like Peer was planning to get her family friend’s husband to cheat on her. That’s not the case according to the former science teacher. She has other plans that involve a “shooting party in the desert.”

“And for all y’all that are ruining my surprise!,” she tweeted. “My revenge was to buy her shitty food truck when she goes out of business (soon, don’t worry) and host a shooting party in the desert with it.”

Khloe Karter Should Be Counting Her Blessings

Driving the family friend’s business into the ground then taking said business out into the desert for a shooting party wouldn’t have been in my top one million guesses.

Based on the first tweet I would have guessed an affair was for sure in the works. Not because she wanted to get with the guy, but out of hate for the family friend.

The whole desert shooting party makes no sense to me. That’s not the only thing about this entire situation that doesn’t make sense.

I’m just going to say she’s proving that almost anyone can have a successful adult career.

Written by Sean Joseph

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