TCU’s Sonny Dykes Shares Marriage Advice That Involves Shaq And Kobe Bryant

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LOS ANGELES– The Sunday morning press conference with Kirby Smart and Sonny Dykes was the last time we would hear from the coaches before Monday’s showdown. Turns out, the TCU head coach bringing up Shaq and Kobe Bryant has Kirby Smart asking questions.

The two coaches were asked about the ongoing NCAA calendar, which only provides a certain amount of days off for families per year. During his answer on balancing the home life, with his work life, Sonny Dykes pointed out that he and his wife of seventeen years had only been involved in three disagreements. One of these involved two Los Angeles Laker legends, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant.

“My wife and I have been married for 17 years. We’ve had three disagreements in our marriage and one of them was about Shaq and Kobe. I’m a Shaq guy and she was a Kobe girl.”

Now, I have no idea how the Dykes family has gone seventeen years, with only three disagreements. I imagine most married couples are on their second argument of the day, but it’s pretty easy to see Sonny Dykes was having fun with his response.

Kirby Smart meet with media
Kirby Smart meet with media

As for Kirby Smart, he was more intrigued on how Dykes has been able to go seventeen years with only three noted argurments.

“I’m more impressed you’ve only had three arguments with your wife in 17 years. I’m still trying to conquer that.”

NCAA Calendar Year For Sonny Dykes And Kirby Smart

The more pressing issue is the NCAA calendar year, which doesn’t present many opportunities for coaches to spend quality time with family. In just six days, Georgia will host junior day, which is a clear example of things never stopping.

“This is an ultra, ultra competitive high accountability profession and what we have to do is protect ourselves from ourselves as coaches. We have to legislate time off,” Sonny Dykes noted. “We have mental health as well as young people. This deal is a grind.”

Kirby Smart shared the same type of message.

“It’s not the profession we originally got into in terms of relationships and coaching. It’s become a much tougher to navigate in terms of your own family. We’re all to blame for eating our own because you won’t stop. It just keeps going.”

Either way, we have to credit Sonny Dykes for his marriage stats. On Monday night, TCU will need this type of composure, if they’re going to beat Georgia.

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