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Knocking out projects before football kicks off

It was another weekend of getting things done before football season gets rolling and my weekend windows for projects dwindles to nearly zero. This weekend it was time to improve the kids’ swing set with a pirate flag and a pulley system to keep them busy, plus plant 15 or so switch grasses along a fence line. Nothing major. You guys know how this goes — getting the small stuff done now will free up 12 hour football days.

Next up: mount a TV outside for fall football. The plan this week is to run electric to a new box, put up a mount, and I should be good to go for a college football Labor Day weekend. I’m thinking about adding a patio heater as well. Going to the bar is a complete hassle these days so I might as well invest and make one on the patio.

In actual football news, the Bengals have officially named Joe Burrow their starter. I have to be honest, I’m a Bengals fan and I can’t name the backup. Of course it’s Burrow’s job. He gets to play his rookie opener in front of exactly ZERO fans in Los Angeles. If there was ever a year to be a rookie starting QB being thrown to the wolves, this is it.

Last week college basketball lost Lute Olson. This morning there’s a report out from Team 980 & 95.9 FM in D.C. that legendary Georgetown head coach John Thompson has passed away. That’s the only outlet officially reporting the news so that’s weird, but the station posted the news very early this morning and hasn’t changed its report.

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  1. As a fan of two traditionally miserable football teams (NC State and Chargers) I wish you a bright future with Joe Burrow. He certainly seems like the right guy at the right time for you. Lord knows the Bengals fans deserve it.

  2. You can check Mayfield off the list, he has already peaked, and having a nut job like OBJ in his corner will only help your cause. Big Ben is inevitable, and dude gets weirder by the day. Lamar is great fun to watch but everyone knows he’s the Mercedes to RG3’s Buick. Just a matter of time before he gets hurt, defenses figure out how to box him in, or both.

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