Rogue Fan Gets PULVERIZED By Security After Running Onto The Field Mid-PAT

Sunday’s Buccaneers game saw a brief delay as a fan ran onto the field. He got absolutely crushed.

Unlike recent events of similar nature, the fan was not a protester. It also may not have been an adult.

Video from Raymond-James Stadium in Tampa Bay shows the fan sprinting down the sideline at about the 20-yard-line. He was wearing a Tom Brady jersey and is either a child, or an extremely small adult.

Either way, his fate was unfortunate, though well-deserved. If you play stupid games, you’re going to win stupid prizes.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fan Gets PULVERIZED

From seemingly out of nowhere, a team staffer wearing a green shirt emerged and stepped out onto the field in front of the rogue fan. The fan tried his best to get loose and hit the staffer with a shimmy-shake.

It didn’t work. At all. Not even a little bit.

The staffer stayed locked on the fan’s hips, kept a wide base with his feet under him, stepped into the tackle and laid him out. It wasn’t just a big hit— it was a full-on pile-driver.

The fan got lit up and the staffer drove him into the ground. At that point, the security officer that was getting out-run by the fan caught up and took him into custody before escorting him out.

There are very few outcomes that could have come from this fan’s on-field effort. Only one of them could have ended well, but there was no way that he was getting away and he didn’t.

The biggest takeaway here is on the tackle. Whomever it was that wore the green sweatshirt and laid the lumber needs an NFL contract. If there is a team out there looking for a linebacker, he is your guy. That man saw his moment to be a hero, dialed-in and made it happen. BOOM!

Written by Grayson Weir

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