CFB AM: Cal coach loves Jared Goff because he doesn’t steal crab legs

Cal quarterback Jared Goff might be the most talented QB in the country and could be the first QB chosen in the 2016 NFL Draft, which would put him somewhere in the top 10 picks, if not the top five.

Because he’s 6-foot-4 and 215 pounds, has a strong arm, is accurate and intelligent and plays at Cal, Goff is inevitably being compared to Aaron Rodgers (which is unfair, regardless of how good he is). The NFL can’t wait until he’s available to draft and develop into a great pro passer.

Sonny Dykes loves all those things, too, but those aren’t the only reasons the Cal coach loves Goff. Why else?

Because he doesn’t steal crab legs. No, seriously.

“Other than (being skinny), there’s not one negative thing you can say about the guy,” Dykes told Campus Rush. “He’s humble, he’s hard-working and loves football. There’s not one single skeleton in his closet. He’s all the stuff that you want. He’s never stolen crab legs, any kind of that stuff. You don’t have to worry about all that with him.”

Damn. That’s ice cold.

Jameis Winston is somewhere in Tampa like, “Man, those were FREE crab legs. Leave me out of this.”

I can’t wait for draft night when Jon Gruden raves about Goff going to the Browns at No. 4 overall: “This guy’s got size, arm strength, intelligence, leadership, doesn’t steal crab legs. You can’t miss with this guy.” That will be the Twitter moment of the night. 


There’s chaos in the top 25. Usually we make it out of September before the college football world is turned upside down, but here we are after three weeks of games and it’s difficult to know what to make of the country, as Stewart Mandel highlighted in his Forward Pass column this week. Just look at what happened in the new top 25 this week: Michigan State moved up to No. 2, behind Ohio State, replacing Alabama, which dropped to No. 12 after losing to Ole Miss; the Rebels jumped from No. 15 to No. 3, where they are tied with TCU. After Baylor at No. 5, Notre Dame comes in at six (very nice win for the Irish against Georgia Tech last week), followed by LSU, Georgia and Florida State to round out the top 10.

Some notables: Auburn dropped out of the top 25 after getting smacked at LSU, going from No. 6 to unranked in two weeks; USC dropped to No. 19 after getting dominated at home by unranked Stanford, which jumped back into the polls at No. 21 and is still ranked behind the Trojans because polls don’t make sense; Northwestern is now up to No. 17 after winning on the road at Duke, it’s second-best win of the year after beating Stanford at home in Week 1. It’s mass chaos, and we’re not even at the quarter-pole of the season. This is what makes college football so great and why the early proclamations are so silly. We’ll find a little bit more in Week 4, particularly about No. 9 UCLA, which visits No. 16 Arizona in the week’s best game (on paper, anyway).

Speaking of UCLA-Arizona, the Wildcats could have All-American linebacker Scooby Wright back, who’s recovering from a torn meniscus suffered in Week 1.

UCLA freshman QB Josh Rosen

Danny Moloshok FR161655 AP

This Baylor story is strange. Baylor assistant coach Jeff Lebby was spotted on the Tulsa sideline this past weekend while the Golden Hurricane were playing at Oklahoma (Baylor was off), which is a violation of an opponent scouting rule given Baylor and OU play each other. What was he doing there? Guess it depends on how suspicious you want to be. Lebby, who is the son-in-law of Art Briles, played at Oklahoma and was a student coach there and is friends with coaches on the Tulsa staff. Briles said he was in Norman for a wedding, and Tulsa left him a pass to the game so he could catch up with some friends while in town. Sooners fans are probably thinking Lebby was trying to spy on OU, which would be a huge assumption. Briles said in a press conference Monday that he was embarrassed by the incident and felt it was “unethical,” but he won’t discipline Lebby and there was no advantage to him being on the sideline considering teams get every single tape available anyway. Bob Stoops wasn’t happy about it, though, and said the Big 12 and NCAA should look into it. I believe it was a honest mistake, but it’s not a good look.

Tulsa coach Philip Montgomery took the blame for Lebby getting access to the sideline.

Let’s check in on Auburn fans. If this epic rant by Tammy, an Auburn superfan, on Paul Finebaum’s show is any indication, people on The Plains are not taking this season well so far.


* An Alabama fan lost a bet and had to get Ole Miss’ Colonel Reb tattooed on his butt cheek. I just . . .

* This is an awesome video of Leonard Fournette’s best run against Auburn last weekend. Kudos to Justin King:

Have a great Tuesday, everyone.

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