Massive Swarm Of Bees On Tampa Bay Field Goal Post Causes Delay As Buccaneers Staffers Hit Nest With Broom

Sunday’s game between the Buccaneers and Packers was extremely buzz-worthy. Literally.

Beyond the Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady storyline, there was quite a stir prior to kickoff for something that should have been handled well before the game. A massive swarm of bees made itself right at home on the south goal post and caused a brief delay.

The words “massive swarm” are not used lightly in this instance.

It was not just a few bees on the goal post. It was not just some bees on the goal post.

There was a full-blown bee family reunion going on in the Buccaneers end zone down.

Take a look:

Initially, there was a lot of confusion about what to do with the bees. Do you let them be? Do you play the entire game going the opposite direction? Can you snuff them out? Is there any bee killer spray within the confines of Raymond James Stadium?

Nobody knew what to do until one brave soul gave it a shot. The Buccaneers staffer walked over to the bees nest with a broom and gave it a whack.

It was a terrible strategy and it did not help at all. Instead, the bees were pissed and started to swarm all over the back of the end zone, rather than being confined to one spot on the goal post.

As if the saga couldn’t get any more bizarre, the game got underway shortly thereafter. Nobody provided an update on the bees. There is no telling if they are still there. Twitter, nor the in-game broadcast have informed us if they have been removed.

Also, it seems like this could have all been avoided in the first place. Did nobody notice the bees before the game got underway? Was there no one who said “hey those bees are a problem” before the teams took the field for warmups?

It was bizarre. No, it was… bee-zarre!

Written by Grayson Weir

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