Taking Your Toddler To Jurassic World: Primary Complaint

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If you ask Jonathan Hutton what his primary complaint is this week, he’ll tell you that toddlers should not be able to attend Jurassic World in theaters.

“But my primary complaint this week is not with the mother. It’s with the enforcement of this and allowing this to happen. Not that they need to pay someone to be a hall monitor,” he continued. “There should be a requirement that if you’re allowed in the theater for a certain film like going in, if they’re checking IDs to see if you’re with a guardian, you shouldn’t be able to bring a toddler in to watch Jurassic World if you’re charging whatever it was, 25, 30 bucks for me to go and watch it on the IMAX or any screen. That is my primary complaint.”

Watch to hear what Chad Withrow and Paul Kuharsky’s primary complaints are this week:

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  1. Why watch anything Hollywood makes? They have to produce these “blockbusters” so they have the cash to create the garbage that parades the social ruin they themselves have so gleefully created.

    No, I won’t even be going to see TopGun… just another ploy to get MY cash so they can create the next left-wing propaganda piece.

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