Taiwanese Strike Three Calls Sure Are Strange

It’s no secret baseball is a different game in Taiwan. There, they’ve used robots as spectators, served blood sausage on a stick and called third strikes in a rather, uh, unique fashion. Rob Friedman, the brains behind @PitchingNinja, posted a video of what he’s calling the World’s Greatest Strike Three Call, featuring an umpire who would be arrested in most MLB cities.

@GOCPBL, which tracks Taiwanese baseball for the English-speaking world, provides context behind the Taiwanese umpire using a stroke motion strike three call.

“A little context to this. This was from an university social tournament, where you get sports administration students playing against students from electrical engineering,” @GOCPBL reports. “That umpire have been suspended by Taiwan’s amateur baseball association after this incident.”

C’mon, Taiwanese umpire. There are kids watching.

Imagine this guy catching a Major League Baseball hitter looking and using that motion on his way back to the bench. Pretty sure tempers would flare. It would be hilarious for the internet content community, but parent groups sure wouldn’t find it funny.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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