Toddler Goes For A Wild Kite Ride In The Sky After Getting Tangled In Strings At Taiwan Festival

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A 3-year-old girl tangled up in a kite at a festival in Taiwan is reportedly injury free after a crazy situation where she ended up blowing around with the kite 100-feet in the air. According to the Sun, Taiwan media says she suffered minor cuts after the incident that ended with workers battling to bring her down as people rushed to rescue her from the entangled strings.

The incident occured at Nanliao Harbor in Hsinchu City where the 2020 International Kite Festival was being held, according to the Taiwan Times.

“The city government team offers its sincere apology to the victim and the public,” the mayor of Hsinchu said on Facebook, adding that the authorities will start an investigation into the incident so as to prevent the accident from happening again in the future.

Video from the event shows workers preparing to launch a kite and suddenly the little girl is whipped into the air. Watch this!

Budak Perempuan diterbangkan tali layang2 kat Festival layang2 di Nanliao, Taiwan.🎥 Kao Hsiao-chun

Posted by The Netizen on Monday, August 31, 2020

Written by Joe Kinsey

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