Sydney Sweeney In The First Row At UFC 288, Former Cyclist Lucia Javorcekova Shares Big Energy & Playoff Hockey Is Heating Up

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Playoff hockey is heating up

I have to be honest I haven’t watched a ton of playoff hockey this year. But I did see some of the Edmonton Oilers blowout win over the Vegas Golden Knights in Game 2 of their series and it was incredible.

Edmonton went up 5-0 and the fists started flying. There were fights, a lot of trash talking, and even a fan who got in the double middle fingers in Oilers wing Evander Kane’s face.

When the fans, even a woman with a can I talk to the manager haircut, get involved you know the series is headed in the right direction.

Now this is playoff hockey action.

If you’re going to shell out money for a playoff ticket and your team is getting blown out, you better get your money’s worth. There better be fights and if you get an opportunity to throw up the double birds, you better take it.

This series has already had a ton of goals, the gloves have come off, and it’s only two games in. With the series even at 1-1 headed into Game 3 in Edmonton on Monday you can expect a lot more from this series.

Are you not entertained?

Get the ice baths ready, we want this series to go seven games. We want more goals, we want more trash talk, and we want more punches being thrown.

Colorado woman’s new home has snakes living in the walls

A Colorado woman bought a home and moved in back in April with her two kids. Soon after doing so she found out that her new was filled with snakes.

42-year-old Amber Hall was unpacking when she found the first snake in her garage. It slithered up the wall where she found more behind the drywall.

“I was unpacking in here and one of my dogs crouched down and started walking over to this corner really slow, so I was like, ‘What is it, buddy?’ I thought maybe it was a spider, whatever. I came over and as I came over I saw the snake slither up the wall,” Hall said. “I started watching and there were more and more and more snakes.”

Since the first discovery she’s found more snakes in the walls and under the patio. Hall hired a snake wrangler who believes the snakes have been in the home for at least two years.

Amber Hall Snakes Colorado Home
(Image Credit: Amber Hall)

I know exactly what you’re thinking. How is she still living in a house covered in snakes? And why hasn’t the house been burned to the ground?

These are valid questions. Unfortunately, these answers haven’t been provided.

An American couple tried to smuggle 375 pounds of Fruit Roll-Ups Israel

Americans apparently keep trying to sneak Fruit Roll-Ups into Israel. They’re not just spreading a couple of boxes of the fruit flavored snack around in their luggage either.They’re attempting to smuggle hundreds of pounds of the stuff in suitcases filled with Fruit Roll-Ups.

Last week an American couple was caught with 375 pounds of Fruit Roll-Ups in several suitcases. As much as 661 pounds were confiscated at the Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv in one week.

So what’s behind the smuggling of Fruit Roll-Ups? TikTok. A viral TikTok trend has caused the price of Fruit Roll-Ups to skyrocket.


trying the fruit roll up ice cream hack

♬ original sound – Griffin Magleby

If only Fruit Roll-Ups were what was being smuggled into the US. I know the authorities in Israel don’t want to waste their time dealing with hundreds of pounds of candy, but it could be worse.

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