Switzerland Names Train After Shania Twain (Yes, They Went There And Named It Shania Train)

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Look out Boaty McBoatface; Shania Train would like a word.

Officials in Switzerland had some trains that needed names, so they looked to one of the country’s most famous residents who you probably didn’t realize was a famous Swiss resident: Shania Twain.

Switzerland is known for a few things. Clocks, cheese, chocolate, unrelenting neutrality, and small, foldable multi-tools.

The new trains will run on the Montreux Oberland Bernois (MOB) line which is the oldest electrified train line in the world. It runs from Montreux which is located along Lake Geneva to the city of Interlaken.

Despite the age of the line itself, the new trains are extremely high-tech. To get more attention for their flashy new trains, the powers that be decided to lean on some star power.

Enter: Shania Train.

“Hang on a second,” you might be saying. “Isn’t she Canadian?”

Yeah, you’d be right. the “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” songstress is arguably the biggest thing to come out of Canada since hockey, Rush, or poutine. That said, she has owned property along Lake Geneva for quite some time.

That was good enough for whoever is in charge of naming the trains. They slapped a “Shania Train” sticker on one member of the fleet,” and the woman herself even showed up for a naming ceremony.

She even signed it (which will probably hurt resale value, but still cool.)

It’s a brilliant bit of PR work here. I didn’t think there was any chance we’d be talking about Swiss trains here in the U.S. of A.

But, alas, with one lazy pun, here we are.

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