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The Wynn buffet IS BACK

Been jonesing for a high-end Vegas buffet since corona closed buffets? The Wynn is bringing back the ability to go pound town on a pile of lamb chops, shrimp, scallops and I have to assume crab legs are a staple on that buffet. Let’s put it this way, you’ve been saving room to get your money’s worth and Wynn says step on up.

The Buffet will reopen with an “all-you-can-eat” approach, which will combine “the abundance of the traditional buffet with the benefits of a full-service restaurant,” Wynn Las Vegas stated in a news release. No reservations are required.

The experience will be slightly different, as the buffet will now be brought to the guests by servers. Wynn’s buffet will have unlimited servings of nearly 90 dishes, which guests can choose from using a menu.

Did you read that? They’re going to deliver the food to your table so dirtbags can’t cough or sneeze on your food! Weekday brunch will start at $37 and dinner will be $60. Weekends it goes up to $49 and $66.

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