Suspect With Room Full Of Guns Says MLB All-Star Game Was Not A Target

Days after an employee discovered dozens of weapons and ammunition at a Denver-area hotel, one of the suspects says there was no plan to harm MLB fans or anyone else. Police had feared a “Las Vegas style shooting” upon finding the weaponry in close proximity to Tuesday night’s MLB All-Star Game at Coors Field. The Denver FBI seemed to agree with the suspect’s statement, saying they are not aware of any threat surrounding the game.

Ricardo Rodriguez, one of four people arrested in connection with the hotel incident, told Denver’s CBS4 that Richard Platt (whose room contained the weaponry) had no intention of using the weapons:

“He had a lot of guns, he did. I don’t know what his intentions were, from my understanding selling them and trading them. That was about it,” said Rodriguez.

Upon entering Platt’s room, Rodriguez told CBS4 that he was concerned that Platt had more firepower than a 90s hip hop video: “I just saw a lot of firearms which kind of concerned me. They had a sniper rifle, probably two of them, two or three mid-sized assault rifles, AK-47s, another short entry weapon, to the average person it’s a TEC-9, like an Uzi, numerous firearms.”

Rodriguez reiterated that he did not associate the weapons or Platt with any kind of threat. “If he would have actively mentioned something like that, if he would have said something like that, no way I would have let anything like that happen. I can tell you if I would have saw something like that, seen him preparing for something like that I would have intervened. No way I would have let something like that happen,” Rodriguez said.

Platt, Rodriguez and two other suspects remain in a Colorado jail. The MLB All-Star Game remains on schedule for Tuesday evening.


Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. “To the average person, it’s a TEC-9?” Is he serious? If your average person knows all the lyrics to every Eazy-E era song ever produced!

    And what is a “sniper rifle?” A bolt action wielded by a US Marine or a Sharpshooter from the 101? An M14? A .22LR with a scope on it? Or maybe a Remington 700 series with a scope on it.

    What horseshit. I’ve seen far more firepower on a cart being pushed by a bellman in J’burg that wouldn’t just kill a person, but would cause large portions of their anatomy to disappear. I’m talking five foot high stacks of rifle cases, and I’d damn sure bet they weren’t in some wussy .223 or .308.

    So this dude is in jail for … traveling? In every state I’m willing to travel to, the hotel room is viewed as an extension of your home, like a car (except for NYC, where they apparently have to open your hotel room every two days to ensure you’re not building a miniature SAM site). Unless there was something that generated actual probable cause, the cops NEVER SHOULD HAVE ARRESTED THEM. Having 5,000+ rounds of ammunition is not probable cause. Having 25 guns in a hotel room is not probable cause. Having both of those and a printout of “kill republican assholes at the all star game” WOULD be probable cause.

    • The story I read the other day said him and his friends rooming with him had drugs, like lots of drugs and plenty different kinds of drugs….nothing more than drug dealers setting up shop in town to capitalize on the all star tourist crowd.

      • Have you seen the meds most of our local high schools are prescribed? Don’t forget, there’s a strong tendency for law enforcement under press pressure to declare “we found hundreds of pills,” which easily translates into a three month Rx of Lexapro and allergy medication (90 of each = 180).

        Annnd we’re talking about Denver. Decriminalized (with or without an Rx, which was probably conveniently left out of whatever you read) are:
        Weed (no Rx required)
        Magic Mushrooms (no Rx required)

        So I’m supposed to give a damn that they may have been arrested with 300 Viagra they were planning on selling at an event, which like the Super Bowl, attracts a lot of dudes that swear they can get laid, for like, two drinks and $500? LULZ.

          • (This is explicitly about you, given our past glorious history) So, you talk about “the story you read the other day” (which was probably Tiger Droppings) and then get uppity when someone starts picking at details? Are you Brian Stelter?

            Bayou B, do you get that even though I may reply to your comment, I’m not personally replying to *you* (unless I explicitly say so) and just to the tone or general content?

            You’re like an Alabama fan that swears only Auburn and Georgia cheat, Bama never does. If you talk shit about Auburn, A&M, anyone, etc., and you’re basing it on conjecture (which you’re doing about drugs given lack of sources) or something someone told ya from up the bayou that wasn’t sourced from an accredited news source (not that they’re awesome), then you get to look not so smart in front of opposing whordes (see what I did there) of Aggies and gumps that will call you on your rumors. If you want to win, be better.

            It took me fifteen seconds to find, (again, keep in mind this is Denver which doesn’t arrest druggies for any number of reasons):

            “what appeared to be heroin and methamphetamine, two digital scales, two bags of syringes and a 9 mm gun with hundreds of rounds of ammunition.”

            Drugs are unverified (could be baking soda pressed into pill form), and nothing else is illegal (syringes are perfectly legal to purchase, as are a “9mm gun”, and “hundreds of rounds of ammunition).

            I’m trying to help you from being a tool. You said “like lots of drugs” and that’s nowhere in the Denver Post article. Don’t be hyperbolic and overinflate stuff, or no one believes jack shit you say in the future. (I can see ass cheeks, she obviously is a slut, paraphrasing.) You said, “Plenty different kinds of drugs” and Denver Post listed two of the most common street drugs ever found. No fentanyl, no horse tranqs, etc. ONE 9MM? I take more firepower to H-E-B. (That’s like a Rouse’s, or more likely Piggly Wiggly in your parts).

            I don’t hate ya, but you can’t do what the left and mainstream media does to all of us (hyperbolic pronouncements, headline skimming, etc.) and not expect to get called out for it from time to time. If you do bullshit commentary on “them,” they’re going to do it to you and yours eventually, and you won’t have a legitimate defense to stand on. Being voraciously honest and self-critical is the biggest key to making sure you don’t lose arguments in the future. Maybe you’re 20 and I’m talking to my past self, who knows.

            If you want people to pay attention to you, pay more attention to the strengths and weaknesses of your argument. If you don’t care, don’t bother, it’s cool.


            Not that you asked, so cheers!

    • In some locales, like NYC, the hotel is given the duty to violate the DND on a regular basis for “terrorism” or “public safety” excuses. Which is why I mortified a maid with the magazines I didn’t think I needed to put away around 2007 in NYC. They open every room, occupied or not, DND or not, on a regular basis.

  2. I’ve been staying in hotels for 200-300 nights a year for 20 years. DND signs mean absolutely nothing. I’ve had countless times where I heard “room service” (the only two English words most maids know anyhow) then one knock and before I could say just a second the maid is in the room.

    • Obviously not 20-ish like I thought 🙂 . There’s a very specific reason they do that though. They’re compensated on rooms serviced; if you deny service, they don’t usually get paid. If you such much as ask for new towels and a bottle of shampoo, they get to check “serviced” and they get paid as if they scrubbed your toilets.

      • Oh yeah I know it works. I’ve been in hotels where I’ve gone days at a time without my room being serviced. When I talk to the manager they usually look at the chart and say well the maid has been marking your room down everyday as though she’s cleaned it. I was was more so referring to Grant as to the DSD sign not stopping anyone from going into the guys room.

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