Surfboard Returned To Surfer, After It Drifts 400 Miles Away

Scottish surfer Lee Brogan was ready to ride the next wave after his 10-year-old board drifted off to sea when Brogan crashed. He assumed he had seen the last of it. After all, his priority was getting back to shore while the waves washed his board in another direction.

Brogan, 37, was surfing near Scarborough, Scotland when the incident took place, according to The Scottish Sun. The board drifted 400 miles away and was discovered washed up on the shore of the Shetland Islands.

But Brogan got it back again.

"Stephanie Riise, 22, and Jake Anderson, 23, went on Facebook in a bid to trace the owner — and a day later Lee got in touch," The Scottish Sun reported. "They got a friend with a van to deliver the board to happy Lee."

Moral of the story: Good things can happen when you're board ... er, bored.

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