Surfer Sage Erickson Reveals She Slid Into DMs Of Cubs Pitcher Daniel Norris

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Social media algorithms aren’t always evil; sometimes they speak the language of love. Take the case of surfer Sage Erickson and Cubs pitcher Daniel Norris. Without the algorithm on Instagram the two might not be in a relationship right now.

The U.S. Open of Surfing champion followed Norris after the Instagram algorithm suggested that she do so. He later posted some photos of surfboards and that’s when she decided to slide into his DMs.

“He’s just incredible,” Sage exclusively shared with E! News from Surf City. “We actually met on Instagram when Instagram suggested three people to follow when you’re browsing and he was one of them.”

Nothing goes together quite like algorithms and surfing

That was a year and a half ago. The two are still going strong and are in love. All thanks to the Instagram algorithm and surfing.

“I love him and I love that we’re both athletes and we can understand what we go through,” Sage said. “We very much understand long distance. We understand wins and losses and ups and downs and staying positive and we’re probably both a little bit crazy at this point from our sports and trying to adapt and stay on it.”

And people claim the internet and social media have killed romance. Here’s a perfect example of how the robots are controlling our subconscious and picking our partners for us. I mean, of how the algorithm isn’t all that bad and can be used to find love.

Keep your eyes open when scrolling through Instagram. You never know when the social media app is placing your next partner in your feed. It seemed to work for an MLB pitcher and a pro surfer.

Written by Sean Joseph

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