Surfer Has Board Stolen By A Sea Otter

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A California surfer had an interesting encounter with a pregnant sea otter this week. The otter stole his board, gnawed on it, the decided it now belonged to her.

Surfer Nick Ericksen and his friends were surfing on Monday when the pregnant sea otter hopped onto his board and refused to give it up. A battle for the surfboard took place as the otter refused to return it to its rightful owner.

After several failed attempts to get the otter to stay off of his board, a fellow surfer finally made his way out to assist Ericksen. The two were eventually able to get the board back, and after being chased for a short distance by the angry otter, made it out of harm’s way.

Instagram/Chad Underhill-Meras

What are friends for?

Another of the surfer’s friends decided to do his part by capturing the entire otter-surfboard saga on camera. He then shared the video along with his own play-by-play of how the entire situation played out.

“[Nick Ericksen] had a real case of the Mondays yesterday,” the caption to the video started out. “A pregnant otter stole his surfboard, starts gnawing on it, and they had a standoff.”

“At the end he gets a little help to get his board back, almost attacked at a couple points, then gets chased in like a true local.”

It’s a good thing there were other surfers there to help out. If not, the pregnant otter might still have the surfer’s board. He had no chance of getting it back by himself.

Be careful out there, you never know when a pregnant otter will decide your surfboard now belongs to them.

Written by Sean Joseph

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