Superwoman: Scientists Baffled Why 74-Year-old Scottish Woman Doesn’t Feel Any Pain

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A Scottish woman has become the focus of the scientific world as researchers try to uncover why she can’t feel any pain.

Like something out of an X-Men movie, 74-year-old Jo Cameron has stunned the medical community for her ability to not feel any injuries, anxiety or physical discomfort. Doctors were shocked when Cameron didn’t feel any pain after undergoing hip and hand surgeries – which usually require painkillers for months afterwards. Cameron also suffers from severe joint degeneration in her hip, which once again would normally hurt – yet she doesn’t feel a thing!

In an interview, Cameron joked “I was aware that I was a happy-go-lucky person, but I didn’t realize I was different. I thought it was just me… I didn’t know anything strange was going on until I was 65.”

Allow me to be the first to say, “I’ll have what she’s having!”

Jo Cameron has scientists interested in how she can’t feel pain or anxiety. (SWNS Media)


Doctors discovered a certain gene that Cameron possesses that they have named “FAAH-OUT,” (no really, that’s its name) that will deactivate the “molecular pathways that cause pain.”

They also found that Cameron has some She-Hulk-like powers as well. They believe that not only is she not feeling pain, but that she also is healing much quicker than the average person – almost like the Hulk’s regenerative power.

Just how rare is this type of molecular structure that Cameron has? Doctors have only identified TWO PEOPLE in the entire world who have it.

So as you can imagine, scientists have come from all over to begin studying Cameron as to what exactly it is she has – and more importantly, how they can learn from it and duplicate it.

They hope that by studying her genome and molecular structure, they will learn more about how the human body anticipates and reacts to pain, which could eventually help decreasing our dependency on painkillers.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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