Chiefs, Eagles Fans Trade Punches In Casino During The Super Bowl

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Eagles and Chiefs fans engaged in some fisticuffs during the Super Bowl over the weekend.

While the Chiefs took care of business on the field to win another Lombardi Trophy, fans of the franchise watching the game at a casino were busy trading punches with Eagles supporters.

In a viral video making the rounds online, all hell broke loose between the two sides and people were letting haymakers fly.

Chiefs and Eagles fans apparently thought it was a good idea to throw punches.

While the video doesn’t capture the full context of the situation, it definitely appears the Eagles fans had much larger numbers.

At the very least, Eagles fans appeared to be winning the brawl. Let’s check in on the guy pummeling a dude over a craps table.

Eagles fans get in a massive brawl during the Super Bowl. A video of the fight went viral on Twitter and social media. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

We live in a society, folks. There are rules in this life. Casinos are places where you blow your child’s college tuition and get hammered.

It’s where you chase glory knowing damn well you will ultimately have your heart ripped out. It’s not a place where you trade punches. It’s not a place for Eagles and Chiefs fans to mix it up during the Super Bowl.

Fans fight at a casino during the Super Bowl between the Chiefs and Eagles. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Next time you’re thinking about unhinging a guy’s jaw while watching the Super Bowl, take a step back, take a deep breath and relax. It’s never worth it. Is it prime internet content? Without a doubt. We love it, but jail isn’t just a spot on a monopoly board. It’s a place in real life and you don’t want to end up there when you could have just had a few beers and relaxed.

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