Super Bowl Celebration Super Spreader? More Like Super Lies From The Media

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Everyone predicted two things when it came to Super Bowl LV — that Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady would find a way to get it done with his new team, and that the maskless Buccaneers victory celebration that followed would serve as a “super spreader” of COVID-19.

Only one of those things came true.

“Thousands of maskless Tampa fans flooded the streets, celebrating the Super Bowl win while risking a super spreader event,” read a headline from The Washington Post.

“Tampa’s maskless Super Bowl celebration leads to super spreader fears,” cowered The Huffington Post.

But two weeks later, there’s no evidence that any of that happened, as the data shows cases are actually down in Tampa and surrounding areas since the big game.

One reporter, from CNN no less, actually asked police at the large gathering what they were going to do about those who celebrated without a mask. Just for effect, she wore two masks when posing her question.

The media has made these sorts of dire predictions so often because, as we all know, fear sells. But when those predictions are proven wrong, those same outlets almost always resort to utter silence … often followed by more fear-mongering.

Truth doesn’t generally factor into the equation, and so far, the truth about the Super Bowl celebrations is it has resulted in a whole lot of nothing.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. I’m highly doubting the pandemic itself had any superspread event. Just tests that were positive happy finding antibodies and that any death ranging from motorcycle to influenza was labeled covid.

  2. the super spreaders are on their way from NYC and Philly. Yankees and Phillies train here near clearwater and Red Socks and other northern teams practice all over the grapefruit state. i got sick late Feb 2020 from Northeastern’rs visiting.

    hope they are less sick this time …

  3. Covid is real. For under 50 less mortality then flu. Also kids don’t seem to be vectors. So let’s get them back to school. But if u currently live in a nursing home get the vaccine cause covid is bad for your long term survival. ( please let governor Cuomo and his brilliant brother). Every one else go live life. Let’s get sports back. Let’s stop fear porn. Let’s love and live together. F. Political bent. Lets stick it to the man. Screw the guys, gals and thems at the top. They suck.

    • That’s been the reality for most of us for a year now, if you are 70+ years old or have health problems you should social distance or isolate. Everyone else carry on. Sadly it was an election year, so the left had to destroy a few million lives as collateral damage.

      • Agreed, we’ve all said it many times but it needs to be repeated; the majority of the left in power made decisions based on the presidential race (create as much division, fear and misery as possible to defeat the incumbent), damn the citizens (would Cuomo be a target now if Trump would have won, of course not, it would be twisted to blame the Feds).

  4. I’m still waiting for the results of the police investigations that the Tampa mayor said were going to take place because of the alleged maskless Super Bowl offenders. That situation of course went away quickly when recent photos surfaced of the mayor herself attending public events while maskless. The officers at TPD are still laughing hysterically about that one.

  5. There is no accountability for dire speculation that is shown to be incorrect. The sheep feed on what “could be” and have no appetite for what actually happened. How many follow up stories have you read about athletes who have “tested positive”? You’d think the fact that no active athlete has died would be great news.

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