‘Succession’ Star Roasts Co-Star, Calls His Acting Style ‘F**king Annoying’

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“Succession” star Brian Cox would like to see Jeremy Strong relax a bit.

The two men are the faces of the hit HBO series about a media dynasty. Cox plays the patriarch Logan Roy and Strong has become a star as the troubled but seeming heir apparent Kendall Roy.

Strong is known for being a serious method actor, and while the results are beyond reproach, taking his craft so seriously is “f*cking annoying” to Cox.

Brian Cox has some blunt advice for Jeremy Strong.

“Oh, it’s f*cking annoying. Don’t get me going on it. He’s a very good actor. And the rest of the ensemble is all okay with this. But knowing a character and what the character does is only part of the skill set,” Cox said during an interview with Town & Country.

He also added, “He’s still that guy, because he feels if he went somewhere else he’d lose it. But he won’t! Strong is talented. He’s f*cking gifted. When you’ve got the gift, celebrate the gift. Go back to your trailer and have a hit of marijuana, you know?”

Brian Cox calls Jeremy Strong’s acting style “f*cking annoying.”

It’s also clear the man famous for playing Kendall Roy is okay with Cox and others being annoying with his style of acting.

“Everyone’s entitled to have their feelings. I also think Brian Cox, for example, he’s earned the right to say whatever the f*ck he wants. There was no need to address that or do damage control… I feel a lot of love for my siblings and my father on the show. And it is like a family in the sense that, and I’m sure they would say this, too, you don’t always like the people that you love. I do always respect them,” Strong said in a recent interview with GQ when talking about the criticism.

“Succession is a huge hit.

While Brian Cox might think the method acting style is a bit too much, it’s working out just fine for “Succession.” The show has turned into a massive hit.

Not only does it have a dedicated audience, but it’s one of the best shows on TV. It’s captivating and addicting to watch the Roy family constantly try to destroy itself.

“Succession” has turned into a huge hit on HBO. (Credit: HBO)

You can catch the start of the fourth season of “Succession” starting March 26. It should be interesting to see what Jeremy Strong’s acting style brings fans this season.

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