Stripper Who Predicted Recession Says Things Are Now Looking Up

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Good news everyone, things are looking up as far as the economy is concerned. The worst of the lingering effects of the pandemic are behind us.

If a stripper by the name of @botticellibimbo is to be believed anyway. And why wouldn’t she be believed? According to her bio, she’s a professional slut with a background in strippernomics. Those are the kind of credentials that will grab your attention.

While a recession was never officially declared, inflation has put a lot of strain on the economy. Nobody has felt that strain more than strippers.

Stripper @botticellibimbo Recession Economy
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In fact, @botticellibimbo felt the strain of the economy so much so that she declared there was in fact a recession, whether it had been recognized by officials or not. She tweeted in May 2022, “the strip club is sadly a leading indicator and i can promise y’all we r in a recession lmao.”

She then followed up that announcement last year with, “every single stripper i know is a better trend forecaster than any finance bro or marketing exec.

“ask ANY stripper we have to be aware of how rich people are going to spend their money, stripping is betting on how the rich spend their money you’re gonna tell me that isn’t just a stock exchange?”

That was last year. Things have apparently changed since then. The economy is doing much better according to @botticellibimbo, who now says things are looking up.

This Stripper Knows A Thing Or Two About Strippernomics

She’s been spending time lately with finance clients she hasn’t seen since 2021. When asked if this meant the recession was over. She replied, apparently not ready to officially declare the stripper recession over, that it was a sign that things were looking up.

That’s all I need to know to know that we’re out of the woods. The dreaded word “recession” has been thrown around for months as we’ve walked right up to the line on multiple occasions.

According to strippernomics, we were already in a recession and made it out the other side. Either way you look at it, that’s great news.

For those who don’t exactly know how the economy works, @botticellibimbo put it in terms everyone can understand. She said, “we live in a kink economy, consumer buying power is simply based on trying to bust a physical or metaphorical nut.”

In other words, get out there and spend that money. There will be plenty more of it coming in.

Written by Sean Joseph

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