‘Stranger Things’ Might Not Return For A Depressing Amount Of Time

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“Stranger Things” viewers shouldn’t expect to see the final season in the near future.

The fifth season of the hit Netflix show will serve as the show’s conclusion, and fans can’t wait to see how the sci-fi/paranormal series wraps up.

Through four seasons, it’s probably the best series Netflix has ever produced. Season four dropped in 2022, and fans were hopeful the final season would air at some point in 2023.

It’s been clear for awhile that won’t happen. Unfortunately, it could still be a couple more years.

When will “Stranger Things” return? (Cr. Steve Dietl/Netflix © 2022)

“Stranger Things” might not return for years.

The Daily Mail wrote “an optimistic expectation for the release would be anytime before 2025.” If being optimistic means it gets here at any point before 2025, then a more realistic outcome means it’s probably 2025 when fans will see new episodes.

There are several problems causing the issue. The biggest immediate problem is the fact writers and actors are both striking.

“Stranger Things” is a monster hit for Netflix. (Credit: Netflix)

That means Hollywood is essentially completely shut down. If it was just writers striking, then anything already written could be shot on.

The moment actors and actresses joined the strike, Hollywood came to a grinding halt. The Duffer brothers tweeted back in May they were all in on the strike.

That means scripts for season five likely aren’t finished. Can’t shoot a show with scripts that don’t exist.

Production takes time.

The other major problem, which is irrelevant until cameras roll again, is that production on “Stranger Things” takes a very long time.

It’s a show that’s heavy with special effects. That takes a VERY long time in postproduction. There are times when postproduction is longer than the actual shooting, especially when dealing with a show loaded with CGI.

Let’s speculate writing finished by the end of 2023, and filming finishes by May 2024. That would leave Netflix and everyone involved just seven months to wrap up postproduction and marketing for the final season in order to get it out before 2025.

There’s nothing to indicate that will happen. That means “Stranger Things” fans could be in for another three-year break between seasons.

If that’s not a punch to the gut, I don’t know what is.

“Stranger Things” might not return for a long time. (Credit: Netflix)

Hopefully, all the worrying is for nothing and the show is back as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t seem to be the case.

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