Stone Cold Rick Roll, Mainstream Media Trying To Tackle Biden & Nick Foles Giving Brady A Piggyback Ride

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The Bears are 4-1 and looking to draft a quarterback

What a typical Chicago Bears move. They’re sick of Mitchell Trubisky. Nick Foles looked dead through most of the first half, and here are the Bears right there in the heat of the NFC North race with the Packers. After last night’s win, has the Bears with a 71% probability of making the playoffs.

In Vegas, there was good news on Thursday as Planet Hollywood reopened after being closed for seven months. However, the hotel will be open just Thursday through Sunday. Vegas just isn’t ready for capacity seven days a week yet.

And finally, the craziest story I’ve read this week: a Louisiana priest was having a three-way on the church altar when someone walking by noticed lights on at the church and peered into a window to see the action in real-time. The priest and his two ‘friends’ were arrested on obscenity charges because the passerby could see the action. Otherwise, it looks like there’s no crime here.

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  1. Joe I love your collums. Do these chicks send you those pics? It just makes me laugh when some ugly women gets on tv talking about equality and then the next 10 girls shake there ass for money and fame.

    • The Instagram ladies show up in Caps based on reader recommendations. You guys are always welcome to suggest items you’d like to see in Morning Screencaps. My DMs are open across social media. Thanks for being a fan.

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