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Picking the perfect golf outing playing partner — at the last minute

I have an outing to play in today and our foursome had a last-minute cancellation and that starts the panicked search to find the perfect fill-in player. Does the player understand the conditions he/she is about to walk into? Does the player’s wife (or sometimes husband, we have quite a few ladies who’ll play) understand the time commitment that the player will need for a 148-person tournament? Will that person be a drag on the foursome in the fun category? Can that person hang for pregaming, at the turn and for the full 18 holes?

Last-minute foursome fill-ins really have to be the perfect fit, but when you find a rotation of 3-4 of these people they’re as good as gold. Here’s my advice to college seniors out there: go get an associates degree in how to be a great foursome fill-in. It’ll be way better than going to career advancement gatherings where there are 80 other soon-to-be graduates kissing ass, but they haven’t been perfecting the golf outing fill-in role.

College kids probably think this is absurd advice, but they have to realize how many guys out there in their 40s drop out of golf outings due to family obligations and because they got too drunk Friday night and their wives are mad at them. This is your in to so many great opportunities.

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