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NFL great Steve Tasker appeared on OutKick 360 and made his feelings on a possible neutral-site AFC Championship game crystal clear.

OutKick 360’s Johnathan Hutton asked the former Buffalo Bills and Houston Oilers wideout and gunner for his thoughts on the prospect of the Bills and Kansas City Chiefs playing for the AFC Championship in Atlanta.

“I could go on and on about it,” he said. “I get the reason for it, the canceled game, you knew when they started tinkering with it, you knew it would never be fair.

“Certainly, the Bengals have an enormous beef with what was taken away from them. And the Chiefs shouldn’t;t have too much to complain about in the fact that they were given a bye week in the playoffs,” Tasker said. “The Bills were robbed of the opportunity to get the No. 1 seed, something they held going into that Monday night game.”

The idea for a potential Bills-Chiefs matchup at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium was born out of necessity. However, Tasker said he believes neutral site conference championships could become the norm.

Tasker Thinks The NFL Could Open A Bidding Process For Conference Championship Games

To illustrate why he thinks this, Tasker brought up how the league picks Super Bowl sites.

“Most people don’t realize that Super Bowl sites are not chosen quite at random,” he said. “Those host cities put a bid into the National Football League, and we’re talking about money.

“I would say it’s the same difference for the TV people. They don’t care where the game is played. It’s gonna be the same television audience one way or another.”

Tasker said only two parties that wouldn’t be fond of this arrangement: teams that lose out on playing championship home games. 30 other franchises would be indifferent.

“It’s a chance for the league to put those championship sites up for bid,” Tasker said. “So, when you put it that way, I think it’s only a matter of time.

“I could be wrong, the football guys could say no way, you should be able to earn a championship game in your stadium.”

Nonetheless, Tasker said that from experience, he thinks the league will use the opportunity to bring attention to a game.

“It’s been my experience that if there’s a way to bring more attention and more eyes toward a game, a neutral-site game may be a way to do it and if it is going to happen like that I think the league will take advantage of it.”

Tasker’s final verdict on the topic.

“I think these neutral-site championship games, are in my opinion, an inevitability.”

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