Steve Sarkisian’s Expletive-Laced Alamo Bowl Blow-Up Looks Worse After Ryan Day’s Former OSU Staffer Speaks Out

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Steve Sarkisian at the center of controversy after a bizarre blow-up prior to the Alamo Bowl. It looks even worse when compared to other coaches around the country and their demeanors.

Sarkisian finished his second year as head coach at Texas with a demoralizing loss to Washington on Thursday night. The Longhorns kept things close on the scoreboard, but it was not an inspiring performance.

To make matters worse, video from pregame showed the 48-year-old lose his mind on a staffer before his team took the field. As Texas players stood in the tunnel, the staffer was tasked with keeping them at bay until it was their turn to run out.

Sarkisian was wandering toward the field and the staffer put his hand on the coach’s chest to hold him back. It is unclear as to whether the staffer was with the bowl game or the university, but he was just trying to do his job and got reamed out for it.

It was a bad look for Steve Sarkisian.

Sure, there is an argument to be made that the staffer didn’t need to put his hand on the coach’s chest. There is not an argument to be made that Sarkisian’s reaction was warranted.

This is not the first time that he has dealt with the pregame protocol. He knows what is asked of him.

Sarkisian is very aware that the staffer, with whom he may have had a prior relationship with, was simply trying to keep him back. It was not an intentional slight or act of disrespect.

Coaches are in that situation on a frequent basis. Just ask 5-foot-2 Annie O’Neill, who served in the staffer’s role at Ohio State and never dealt with a similar situation while working with Ryan Day.

Sarkisian’s actions were outlandish. He has not issued an apology, the incident has not been addressed.

It is likely easier to just let the news cycle move on over time, but it speaks to his character. Day, nor any other coach in the country has encountered this issue— Sarkisian has. Not great.

Written by Grayson Weir

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  1. It takes a particular brand of puss-boy to do that, knowing full well that if the staffer were to rightfully punch him square in the jaw for his disrespect, he has an entire team of dumb, indoctrinated mindless drone ack uh leetes that would have his back. Like the guy that starts ish and literally runs and hides behind his 6′-7″ friend.

  2. If I were a recruiter from another school who might be vying for a player Texas is also going after, I would bring this clip and show it to the player and his parents and show them how petty and unstable Sarkisian is when things don’t go his way, that he can’t control his composure.

    • I would also remind the parents that the city of Austin is one of the cities becoming more and more “woke” by the day, that this city will do its best to indoctrinate their son with Progressive policies…….

  3. Not excusing Sark’s behavior but these coaches are under so much pressure these days from alumni, fans, boosters, etc. College football is a huge money business which translates to huge expectations with coaches blowing their minds at the slightest provocation.

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