Steve Nash Says Nets Aren’t Trading James Harden

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James Harden is out for today’s showdown with Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets, so now rumors are beginning to surface that the Nets might trade the beard. Nets head coach Steve Nash was asked pre-game if there was any validity to these rumors — his response was pretty clear that it’s not happening. Watch:

But part of Nash’s answer left a weird taste in the mouth. Check this out:

“He continued to reiterate that he wants to be here and we want him to be here,” Nash said. “That’s our best chance to win.”

Your best chance to win? Why would that point be necessary? Is James Harden really only staying with the Brooklyn Nets because it’s his best chance to win? Kevin Durant sounds thrilled to be in Brooklyn where he’s never had to share he’s there because it’s his best opportunity to hoist another title. He just wants to be there because he loves his team.

Many that watched Harden play last Wednesday in the Nets’ 112-101 loss to the Kings said it seemed Harden quit. Recent injury reports suggest he’s dealing with a tender hamstring, and no matter what conclusions we wish to jump to, we have to believe the injury reports. Harden scored just four points in his 37 minutes.

The former MVP would sit out their next contest a couple days later against the Utah Jazz, and he’s again out today. For the cynical, Harden is quitting on the Brooklyn Nets and Steve Nash is now dealing with it head on.

We want to believe the Nets are hanging on to James Harden, but we can’t be sure either way until the deadline passes Thursday. It’s the NBA after all…

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

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