USC Quarterback Makes Degree-Less Stetson Bennett Look Silly By Graduating With Honors In 2.5 Years

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As USC football enters its second season with Lincoln Riley as head coach, Miller Moss is slated to serve as the backup to Heisman Trophy quarterback Caleb Williams. The California-native is not only a talented athlete, he’s brilliant.

Moss is a redshirt sophomore. He joined the Trojans in the spring of 2021 after graduating high school a semester early, but already has his degree.

USC held its graduation ceremonies over the weekend.

Most of the students who walked the stage and received a diploma began their four years of college in the fall of 2019. Moss, after just 2.5 years in Los Angeles, was among them.

The former four-star recruit graduated as a renaissance scholar with a law degree, a minor in finance, a GPA greater than 3.7 and departmental honors. All in five semesters at one of the more prestigious private schools in the country. Impressive!

There’s Miller Moss, and there’s Stetson Bennett.

Meanwhile, all of the way across the country, Georgia also held its graduation ceremonies over the weekend. Stetson Bennett, who began college in 2017 — when Moss was just beginning his freshman year of high school — was not among the Bulldogs that graduated.

Bennett walked on at Georgia in 2017, transferred to Jones County Junior College in 2018, transferred back to Georgia in 2019, won his first national championship in 2021/22, and won his second national championship in 2022/23. He spent six years in college. There is no evidence that he graduated.

Even former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones had jokes.

Considering that Bennett has two rings, and was drafted in the fourth round, there isn’t much need for a degree— right now, at least. He may have been on track to graduate last weekend but skipped out on his spring semester to get ready for the NFL.

Either way, there is quite the dichotomy between Moss and Bennett. The former got a degree at USC in 2.5 years. The latter has yet to graduate Georgia after six years of college.

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  1. I would argue the one who became nationally famous, won two championships, is now a legend, and got drafted certainly didn’t get made to “look silly”. They will both be backup QBs in LA this year….but Bennett will be on the Rams.

  2. Both players deserve kudos for staying with their schools and not entering the portal. Bennett. stuck it our and won the job. Miller will most likely never start a game with Caleb back and the #1 HS QB Malachi Nelson stepping in after him. Miller is one of my favorite players for sticking with the program when he could have gone to several different schools to start. However six years without a degree is not good look.

  3. Looks like he graduated with high honors. Must be quite a student. That is impressive in 2.5 years at any University–with our without football. Hopefully he goes on to get a Masters or other Graduate degree with his remaining 2 years! Strong work, young man!

  4. This is a ridiculous article. One is the 2× National Championship winning starting QB and the other guy has never taken a meaningful snap in a game. Good on Moss for getting his work done. But that’s no reason to take a cheap shot at Stetson. Oh, and Emily Moss is Milf- God level. Jesus what a specimen…..

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