Stern Fans Pissed About Howard’s Two-Month Vacation

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Howard Stern is a wealthy man. He was a wealthy man before signing a new deal with Sirius XM worth $500 million, but he’s now officially reached “f–k it, I can pretty much do what I want” status. I mean, Stern already had some of that in him — that’s why he’s Howard Stern — but we’ve reached new levels.

Right after signing his new deal, Stern decided to take a two-month vacation from the end of June to the beginning of September. I’ve been told I have to take a week’s worth of vacation at some point this summer, and I have no idea what I’ll do without that daily grind for seven days.

But sign me on for a deal worth half a billion dollars? No promises.

Apparently, Stern’s vacation decision has ruffled some feathers amongst his fans. And when I say ruffled some feathers, I mean they’re absolutely pissed. Some fans on Reddit have even threatened to cancel their subscriptions over the whole ordeal.

Here’s a whole thread titled “Howard Stern taking the whole summer off is bullshit.”

Howard Stern just announced per his new contract there will not be any new shows after this week until SEPTEMBER.

He tried to sneak this programming note in at the beginning of the show. At first he tried to claim they always do this during the summer then pivoted and said this summer off was part of the new deal he made.

4 days off a week isn’t enough? Couldn’t take two weeks off? No that would be too fair to his customers.

I pay $20 a month for SiriusXM and I’m not paying $40 for re-runs. All Stern fans should do this. If Sirius’ profit plummets because a bunch of Stern show listeners cancelled at once I could see him back before September (or at least not pulling this shit again next summer).

If I knew the new deal would be like this I would have rooted for Howard to retire.

Good job, Howard. Going to have to start calling you A-A-Ron because you’ve done messed up. You were already reportedly worth $650 million, so I don’t know how you’re going to recover financially from this fiasco.

All joking aside, I bet it does suck to have the sole reason you’re spending $20 a month on a Sirius XM subscription take a two-month hiatus. If I cared that much about Howard Stern — or anyone else, for that matter — and that person pulled a stunt like that, I’d probably be pissed too.

But good luck rallying those troops to try and put a dent into Sirius XM’s pocket. I’ll be keeping up with all this from afar and pulling for you guys.

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  1. Stern turned into a sellout. Became a Trump hater so he would fit in with his Hollywood buddies. Turned his back on the blue collar folks who made up his original audience and who stuck by him for years. He wants all this time off to hang in the Hamptons with his fellow left wing, elitist jerkoff friends. I used to love his show, going way back to the beginning. It was irreverent and funny as hell. Cancelled Sirius several years ago. Fuck him. Elitist prick.

  2. Stern stopped being funny more than a decade ago. My husband finally changed his Sirius subscription yesterday. He had been intending to dump the premium subscription for a while but didn’t want to give up Patriot radio (Stern wasn’t even a consideration).

  3. Howard jumped the shark after Artie left. He became a Hollywood liberal to kiss up to his new “pals”. I think his agent put out a presser stating he was getting 100 mm in new deal. I’d be surprised if he got half of that. For the huge paycut, he probably saved face by negotiating the summer off. His show blows anyway. He’s agoraphobic, germophopic, has no real friends, is an egomaniac, not funny without Jackie, Billy West or Artie and should quit already. He blows.

  4. I was a Stern fan growing up, but did not follow him to satellite. Several times throughout the years, I’ve had free trials to Sirius, so I would check him out once in awhile, as well as O&A. I thought Stern’s show got markedly worse after he moved to Sirius. Part of the fun with Stern on terrestrial radio was him trying to dance around the FCC. He lost his creativity when he moved to Sirius, and clearly in the last decade or so he’s completely lost his edge.

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