Stephen Jackson Was Supposed to Have Matured; Sadly, He’s Gone Backwards

Stephen Jackson was supposed to be a voice of social justice in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

He was supposed to have matured and not be the guy who got into the fight in the Malice in the Palace, not be the guy who fired a handgun outside of a strip club.

Instead, Stephen Jackson hopped on Instagram and said Jews own all the money in the banks and also no NFL owners have said anything about the murder of George Floyd.

Both of those things are, obviously and stupidly, not true.

Yet, Stephen Jackson continues to endorse the Desean Jackson statements and said Jackson didn’t say anything wrong at all.

Someone explain to me how you can be a member of a social justice organization, ostensibly. A leader of the organization in the athletic field and not condemn anti-semitism.

It’s worse than not condemning — remember silence is complicity? He wasn’t even silent, he said I support what Desean Jackson said.

All of this is a sham. It’s a house of cards.  It is a complete, woke pyramid that would collapse — and should collapse — if you clap your hands aside it because there is no substance, consistency, or legitimacy to it.

It is not about trying to make the world a better place, it’s about trying to be a victim.

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  1. I am not amazed Jackson doubled down on this. I mean, did anyone with half a brain really look at him as some intellectual that the media portrayed? The illuminating aspect of this is the relative lack of backlash he has faced. It is amazing.

  2. i havent listened to Cowherd in awhile because he’s been giving woke vibes lately, but Jackson and a few other people I detest are regulars on his show (Michael Rappaport)..i will be interested to see if SJ gets a spot on Colin’s show being that Colin wants to be woke enough to get his athlete guests..something i appreciate about Clay (not alot of athlete interviews if any)..athlete and coach interviews are honestly the most boring interviews ever..on live radio i mean, not referring to a long talk format, just drive time…those interviews are pointless…
    the clash and competition of sports personalities is fascinating to me, which is precisely is why im on the Travis/Whitlock train right now…lotta woke leaners out there

    • Hey Jon,
      Nice to hear your thinking…agree totally. I stopped watching him about a month ago when he was pontificating and as a throwaway line, he looked sideways and said “well, Trump’s gonna be gone in November, so no need to talk about…”. It was the worst kind of woke sucking up and totally gratuitous because it came outta left field. His eyes lit up though when he looked back at the camera…so clever he is…not. I recall him mentioning how republicans wear sneakers too. I guess he doesn’t heed his own advice.

  3. Funny, I listened to Stephen Jackson when he was on FSY and I felt he hadn’t changed very much except for he is no longer on the court in the NBA. He was too predictable in his stance, always selfishly belligerently pro player. And then, he has been doing the podcast and IG posts while smoking weed. Check them out and listen to his ideas. He still has those leopard spots. I surmise this is why FSY started bringing on “Iceberg” Jim Jackson much more.

  4. This is no surprise that Stephen Jackson, LeBron James, and DeSean Jackson hate anyone but themselves at best, and are spreading divisive and dangerous anti-Semitic rhetoric at worst.

  5. Agree 100%. Stephen Jackson is not the intellectual the MSM portrays him to be. The woke brigade, BLM movement is a house of cards. If the leader of a social justice cause doesn’t see that anti-Semitism is wrong he lacks all credibility. The problem is the woke MSESPN will just keep rolling guys like Stephen Jackson out like he has something intelligent to say. In America we too often confuse athletic talent or wealth with intelligence.

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