Stephen A. Smith Cites ‘What Folks Have Been Saying’ For Why People Should Be Fired For Tua Tagovailoa Injury

Stephen A. Smith is of the opinion that people need to be fired following Tua Tagovaiola’s scary head and neck injuries on Thursday night against the Cincinnati Bengals. Smith believes Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel shouldn’t escape scrutiny given the situation either.

He believes this because “that’s what folks have been saying” on social media.


Smith is just one of the millions of people that seemed to have earned their Ph.D. in head trauma on Thursday night shortly after Tagovailoa was slammed to the turf before halftime.

He, nor anyone else screaming on Twitter, evaluated Tagovailoa after the brutal hit he took against the Buffalo Bills last weekend in Miami, but according to him, people still need to lose their jobs.

“Somebody needs to be fired. I don’t know who, but somebody has got to go,” Smith shouted on Friday’s edition of ‘First Take’ on ESPN. “I don’t know if it were the doctors or the trainers that examined him at halftime of the Buffalo game and put him back in. I don’t know if it’s additional medical personnel that were involved that gave him the okay to be on the field last night.”

“They” Say Tua Tagovailoa Suffered A Concussion Last Week

Smith has come to this conclusion because of what he’s read on social media from folks, who again, are not, have not, and will not be around Tagovailoa.

“Listen to what folks have been saying since last night transpired with Tua. They say ‘you had a concussion that obviously it’s easier to get another one.'”

Who is “they?”

The Dolphins nor the NFL have said Tagovailoa suffered a concussion against the Bills.

But, since “folks” online are saying he suffered a concussion against Buffalo then it’s fair game for Smith to say it to hundreds of thousands of viewers on Friday.


Did it look like Tagovailoa suffered a head injury against the Bills last Sunday? Absolutely, people don’t just get up off the ground and start randomly wobbling around after their head slams to the ground.

All signs point to the fact that Tua likely shouldn’t have been on the field against the Bengals on Thursday. But let’s stop getting medical information and calling for people’s jobs based on social media reactions.

OutKick’s Armando Salguero shared a fantastic breakdown of the entire Tua situation here, which everyone should read.

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Written by Mark Harris

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  1. OK … So the standard for SHOULD BE FIRING PEOPLE because …. is now “…. read on social media” then surely Stephen A will be unemployed by noon. Along with his entire ESPN army of Toxic Wokies. …. and the MSNBC and CNN gangs. … Works for me!

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