Stephen A. Smith May Have To Apologize Again

What a Monday it was for Stephen A. Smith.

Following his racist comment about Shohei Ohtani, the privileged Smith dropped another offensive rant about the Nigerian basketball team.

“There’s no excuse to lose to Nigeria,” Smith said of Team USA’s loss. “[To lose to] some dude Gabe Nnamdi, who goes by Gabe Vincent for the Miami Heat. Or Caleb Agada. Or Nma, however the hell you pronounce his name.”

Some would consider that a poor choice of words. However, others — including Smith — are so proud of the comment that they promote it on Twitter.

Smith expected retweets of his rant. He got those. He also got slammed by ESPN Radio host Chiney Ogwumike, who is Nigerian-American.

Ogwumike handled that well. She didn’t attack Smith’s character but his mistake. It’s a positive to see her hold ESPN’s top-paid employee to the same standard that the network demands from everybody else.

Ogwumike’s personal friend, Emmanuel Acho, jumped in as well:

Then, the Nigerian basketball team and its players took it to Smith:

Translation: Smith may have to issue a second phony apology for his work on Monday. If he does, look for Smith to remind us that he is “black,” as he did twice in his first mea culpa.

Why does Smith’s skin color matter? How is it relevant? It is actually relevant though, and Smith knows it. He knows that ESPN has different standards for people based on their race. Because of lies spread by Jemele Hill and Mark Jones, ESPN is afraid to discipline black employees.

Had a white or Hispanic ESPN talent uttered just one of Smith’s two offensive comments on Monday, ESPN would’ve released a statement and possibly issued a suspension. In 2012, ESPN suspended Max Bretos for 30 days and fired another employee for a headline about Jeremy Lin that Asian-Americans found offensive.

Smith offended that same group as well as another group. But for ESPN, it’s all good. Weird how that works.

It’s as if those who notably make allegations of racism also frequently benefit from their own skin color.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Maybe these stories get lots of clicks as I don’t even read them. I don’t watch MSESPN for a reason but feel I see it everyday on this site in droves. I don’t even click on the articles anymore (this one just to post the comment my VIP access provides me) as I know what they are going to say.
    I would much rather read about other uplifting stories and different takes on main issues, it seems to be lazy writing to just be like look at what this idiot said, we know they are idiots as MSESPN. I hope the articles get better on this site with things to bring conservative sports fans together.

  2. We need to stop using the tactics of the enemy if we want to have any integrity. It’s not accurate or fair to classify what Stephen A said about Ohtani or the pronunciation of difficult Nigerian names as “racist” unless we’re expanding racism to apply to making any observation whatsoever about a someone of another race not your own. Don’t play that game if you hate it. I’ve done it in the past myself, but I think people who are sick of this identity politics charade should certainly stop joining in on it. What are we thinking? That’s precisely what they want! We’re just dabbling in the same sick black magic of the very leftist nut jobs trying to break this country apart when we do this. If we use the same class warfare tactics as those we oppose use we lose all our moral leverage when we want to criticize them, and become hypocritical. Stay out of their miserable muck.

    • I understand your point, John but I have to respectfully disagree. Taking the moral high ground gets conservatives nowhere. You have to fight fire with fire. The Dems keeping lying and distorting on many issues. If you don’t fight back you get buried. For instance, every time they call someone a racist, fire back at them that they are racist. Sounds silly but can be effective. They push the narrative that voter ID laws are racist. One needs to respond by saying they must think black people are too stupid and/or incompetent to acquire ID so therefore you (Dems) are racist.

    • I somewhat agree with you. SAS said nothing outlandish. Even though I may disagree with him, he has a valid point. The Nigerians who jumped on him are self righteous and self important. No one cares what their names mean. I’m willing to be they don’t know how to pronounce and Asian athletes’ names.

  3. Once again … CRT grants all “black people” a universal lifetime “criticism shield” for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING no matter how inane, inflammatory, or simply downright STOOPID!

    Special hard-cases like Joy Reid and Stephen A have the extra heavy-duty “criticism shield”. It’s autographed by Kunta Kinte hisownself.

  4. Steven a once said that Marty schottenheimer should have lined up the SD Chargers for a field goal attempt on 3rd down in case he missed it – they could reattempt on 4th.

    SAS is entertaining insofar as people like a guy sitting there with a dictionary using goofy words & loud rants

  5. I want every Nigerian who commented to correctly pronounce every Asian and Eastern European name. If not, a public flogging is in order. What narcissism and self importance. No one cares what your name means. Hardly any Americans can pronounce my last name, but I don’t hold it over them nor do I have to explain what the name means.

  6. Being black at ESPN means that you will likely have to literally kill someone to be fired. Smith is nothing but a race-baiting cretin. I avoid ESPN like I avoid Herpes and have nothing but contempt for the whole pathetic enterprise.

  7. Speaking of Nigeria… I am about to come into “many several millions of American Dollars!” because I, and I alone, was smart enough to invest in helping a Nigerian Prince escape from wrongful imprisonment and I can “expect to be rewarded most handsomely for my genorosity by merely supplying bank account information!” I am currently looking into tax shelters for my upcoming “major reward”… any advice or tips out there?

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