Mark Levin and Stephen A. Smith Loudly Discuss DeSean Jackson

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If there are two media personalities we need in the same room or on the same line more often, it’s Mark Levin and Stephen A. Smith. The two loudest people in media who can duke it out word-for-word as passionately as a 12th round heavyweight battle.

It happened this week. Smith called into Levin’s radio show after Levin said the Eagles should move on from DeSean Jackson for his anti-Semitic post.

Stephen A. and The Great One at the 1:00:20 mark:

Smith agreed that Levin was right to be upset with Jackson but disagreed he should be let go. Smith referenced the Eagles’ history with Riley Cooper; Levin said he never heard of the guy.

The ESPN host, who was the quieter guy on the line, called Jackson on the phone after he heard the comments.

“I said, ‘What the hell are you doing mentioning Hitler?! Why would you do that?! That makes no sense!” Smith said on the Mark Levin Show. Jackson responded that he was trying to “uplift Black folks.”

Neither Smith nor Levin budged on their positions. Luckily, Levin moved on to hammering Smith, his friend, for not getting him into UFC fights. Smith and Levin sitting cage-side not far from Joe Rogan could be riveting. No?

This conversation didn’t end without touching on kneeling and Colin Kaepernick. Levin said he can’t even watch the games anymore due to the politicization of the NFL.

The call was actually one of the better sports debates in the past few months. It’s a rarity to get two talents together with strong, opposing opinions. It’s needed; it’s how we learn, grow, understand, and adapt. Media talents now prefer to do their battling behind an iPhone when they can take the opposition’s comments out of context and call them “racist” and “dumb” without providing concluding evidence.

Of course, when this happens, websites call it “bizarre.”

Written by Bobby Burack

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