Stephen A. Smith Says Jack Del Rio Doesn’t Understand Deadly BLM Riots Because He’s ‘White’

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Stephen A. Smith says that Jack Del Rio does not understand the importance of the deadly BLM riots from 2020 because he is — and we emphasize to depict his articulation of the word — “whiiiite.”

Damn you, Del Rio.

Here’s Smith on First Take:

For a refresher, Del Rio last week questioned the disparate coverage between Jan. 6 and the much more deadly riots in the name of George Floyd.

While Del Rio used a poor choice of words calling the Capitol storm a “dust-up,” his question remains valid and unanswered: why the inconsistent outrage among the two riots?

And since no one will answer, we will:

The difference between Jan. 6 and the BLM riots is perception. You condemn Jan. 6 and the press thanks you for your service. You criticize BLM and the press calls you a racist.

Selective outrage is always about getting on the politically correct side of every issue. Del Rio committed the crime of questioning the influential hypocrites in DC and in the media.

Factual reporting on BLM is so scarce that it’s likely unbeknownst to Smith that the riots amassed $2 billion of damage across the country and the death of at least 25 people. In other words, “mostly peaceful.”

Acknowledging the devastation from the BLM riots does not diminish what happened on Jan. 6. Both events were horrific, as all violent riots are.

So what does Del Rio’s white skin have to do with understanding the results of the riots?

Unfortunately, Ryan Clark — who refused to work with Sage Steele because her politics differed from his — didn’t bother to challenge Smith’s take. Instead, Clark sat there and nodded along.


Del Rio committed the crime of questioning the influential hypocrites in DC and in the media. He dared to think for himself. As a result, the Commanders fined him $100,000, he deleted his Twitter and the media will look to push him out of the NFL.

That’s the price of thinking independently. You’ve been warned.

Del Rio wanted to have an honest conversation. That’s not being “white”, but curious. Unfortunately, Smith and the media won’t allow that conversation to happen.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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  1. I must be an ignorant racist also, or I’m just old fashion….I thought looting, arson, and murder were wrong, and very illegal. I had no idea they were ‘uplifting’ of black folks….maybe that’s why so many now feel that anytime they need a little moral boost, they head for the nearest retailer to ‘lift their spirits’ by stealing as much merchandise as they can carry. Oh, it’s all justified…because, well because they’re black. With blacks leading the leagues in homicides and homicide victims, this must be pretty heady times for them.

  2. More ignorance in the black media. Absolute horse shit what the REDSKINS did to Del Rio. I don`t know who I hate more: Ignorant black people that lie and don`t give a shit or the white guilt that just sucks their dick.

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