Stephen A. Smith Is Holding A Youth Basketball Camp & It Costs Just $3,000

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Are you filthy rich? Do you have Clay Travis money?

Stephen A. Smith wants to teach your kids a little something about basketball this summer at his “once-in-a-lifetime camp” at IMG Academy where your kid will wear Screamin’ A. branded gear and learn what it’s like to play a sport from the former Winston-Salem State University basketball legend.

For the low cost of just $3,000, your kid will be fully immersed into the world of Screamin’ A., who will “participate in several engaging opportunities with camp participants.”

Whatever that means.

Your kid can attend the Stephen A. Smith basketball camp for the low price of just $3,000 (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

But wait, there’s more. Campers will also get to hear Screamin’ A. share “an inspiring message” and take part in a “Q&A” with the ESPN legend — while wearing their Screamin’ A.-branded gear.

Sold yet?

Wait, what else do campers get from Screamin’ for $3,000? Do they get to shoot some content with him for their TikTok accounts?

Based on what IMG Academy is promising, you’re getting Screamin’ for “several engaging opportunities” and the Q&A sessions. In other words, your kid is going to get a photo with Screamin’, he’s going to fake act like he cares your kid is attending the camp and then his ass is hitting the express lane right out of IMG and off to a Gulf of Mexico beach.

“To have my own basketball camp associated with IMG Academy is an incredible opportunity for me to share my story and help inspire the next generation,” Smith said in a well-tailored marketing statement. “Providing advice on what it takes to succeed not only on the court, but also beyond the shot clock, is something I’m very passionate about. I’m honored that IMG Academy sees me as someone who can be an extension of its mission of empowering student-athletes to win in their future, preparing them for college and for life.”

Hold up.

He’s going to provide advice on how to succeed on the court?

Let’s pump the brakes here and keep Screamin’ in his lane.

He should tell the kids about how the NBA has the FBI watching their every move once they make it to the Association.

“So many times, we don’t tell these players this,” Smith said earlier this month when Ja Morant was in trouble. “NBA has off-duty police officers. They’ve got connections with the FBI. They’ve got connections with everybody. The NBA knows what you’re doing. They know who you’re doing it with. They know where you are. And they know how you’re conducting yourself at all times.”

Maybe Screamin’ will throw in some of his thoughts on the NFL free of charge.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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