Stephen A. Smith’s Weed Joke Causes ‘First Take’ Fans To Lose It

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Stephen A. Smith brought a little comedy to the “First Take” set ahead of the Super Bowl.

The popular ESPN production was shooting down in Arizona when the host decided to lean into his anti-weed stance.

Stephen A. is famous for telling people to “Stay off the weed!” Yet, he told fans near the set that “it’s been so damn cold” down in Arizona that he’s “thought about some weed.”

As soon as he dropped the line, fans absolutely lost it.

Stephen A. Smith wants you to stay off the weed….except when in AZ!

Stephen A. Smith has made a name for himself by constantly urging people to put the marijuana down. Why? Because it has cost too many athletes too much.

To be clear, the ESPN star has always said if it doesn’t mess with your money, it doesn’t matter. However, the moment weed causes you to lose some cash, you have a problem.

While the face of ESPN might want athletes off the weed, everyone has their limits. Apparently, it’s been just a shade too cold in AZ for Stephen A.’s liking.

How will weed manage to make him warmer? Not a clue, but he’s (jokingly) considered it. A lot of people like to wear a beer coat when the weather gets too cold.

That’s when you just get a nice little buzz going to take the edge of the weather off. While I’m not endorsing it, the move makes logical sense. Can the same be said for weed?

Stephen A. Smith jokes about weed with “First Take” fans. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

That doesn’t appear obvious, but either way, the “First Take” fans loved it. Say whatever you want about Stephen A. Smith, but the dude definitely knows how to crack a joke. There’s no doubt about that.

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