Stephen A. Picks the Chargers to Score Most Points this Weekend, But Also to Lose to Raiders

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Stephen A. Smith made his predictions for Week 1 of the NFL season on “First Take” Friday, including two rather bold takes.

First, Smith predicted that the Los Angeles Chargers would score more points than any other NFL team this weekend. No team will rack up more points than the Chargers, says Smith.

Got that?

Second, Smith picked the Raiders to beat the Chargers this weekend. The Raiders will score more points than the Chargers, thus scoring the W, Smith declares.

Smith just explained how the Chargers would score more points than any other team in the NFL during Week 1 but also lose their Week 1 matchup.

Try placing that wager on your parlay. And make sure you credit @stephenasmith with the pick.

Earlier this week, Smith argued that wide receiver Jalen Reagor would propel the Eagles to heights this season.

Sure, Reagor no longer plays for the Eagles, but the point remains.

Smith first displayed his wizardry in 2018 when he said a one-on-one matchup between Hunter Henry and Derrick Johnson would decide a crucial Chargers-Chiefs matchup:

Though neither player played that season, keep in mind that Smith was going through a lot at the time. In 2018, he had to co-host a show with Max Kellerman. Which he admits was unbearable and almost made him quit.

Before you point and laugh, know that Stephen A. covers football on another level. He earns $12 million a year for these predictions.

Go ahead and follow the gambling advice of the experts and RJ Bell this season at your own peril. I’ll be relying on Stephen A. Smith.

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