Spoiler Alert: Stephen A. Says the Nets Won The NBA Championship Last Night

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Warning: the following article contains spoilers for the rest of the NBA season. 

It’s a special time for sports-talk shows on TV. With the Super Bowl out of the way, the hosts no longer have to pretend to know or care about football, and they can do what they are paid to do: react to the NBA regular season.

Stephen A. Smith is the face of this genre, and he didn’t disappoint on this Monday morning in February. After seeing the news that Anthony Davis re-aggravated his Achilles tendon, Stephen A. called the Lakers’ season over. Per Stephen A., the Brooklyn Nets won the NBA Championship last night, Feb. 14.

The bosses over at ESPN are loving the topic selection. Stephen A’s take even made the front page of dot com. Try topping this, other sports sites:


Translation: because the Lakers won’t have Davis for some regular-season games — OutKick’s Dr. Chao and others say Davis should be back for the playoffs, if not earlier — the Lakers can no longer stand in the way of the mighty 16-12 Nets.

Well, it was a good run, Lakers.

“But what if Davis is 100% healthy by the playoffs when the games actually matter?” Lakers fans may ask. You heard Stephen A. It will be too late. The regular season will already be over.

Winning championships in February is no small task, especially after going 3-3 in the month, as the Nets have. By the way, can someone please tell the nine teams with better records than the Nets to pack it up and stop wasting our time?

I do hope, for next time, that ESPN puts the SPOILER — written just like that — label on other takes of this magnitude. Those who casually look around the web for news and see this clip will have the ending of the NBA season ruined for them, just like that.

Not great, ESPN. Be better.

Anyway, congratulations to the Brooklyn Nets. You guys earned this championship.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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    • haha! as ridiculous as the NBA is, it probably is time for him to join the Nets……..Bobby, maybe Stephen A. didn’t give away the NBA script’s end. as ridiculous as the NBA is, with all the players crying for trades and teaming up with their friends, maybe the real “story” in the WWE style NBA is which players will refuse to play and demand a trade to Nets or Lakers…….That’s the story line of this “Season” of NBA, not who wins title, but which petty drama will unfold

  1. i remember the good old days before Lebron’s world tour. Back when there were more than a dozen other players that wanted to be the best and beat the best.

    Does any other team have players? other than Brooklyn or LA (and Milwaukee and dallas)?

    the new narrative will be Lebron beating everyone else single handedly. he can’t win 7 or 8 rings, but he can win another as the new superman.

    • Chris, I am in Dallas and trust me, the Mavericks could definitely use some more players to help Luka. Not sure why more players don’t want to play alongside this 21-year-old phenom, much as players never came here because of Dirk back in the day.

  2. ESPN for a long, long time has been in the business of predicting the future, which of the same business sports wagering sites are in.

    But for a site that positions itself so arrogantly as a place that predicts the future, it sure has done a lousy job of prognosticating how wokeness was going to backfire, crush ratings and bite these bitches in their wallets.

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