Clay on Stephen A. Calling ‘White Privilege’ on Steve Nash’s Hire

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The Nets hired Steve Nash as head coach in a surprising but logical move. But Stephen A. Smith took major issue with it. He called it “white privilege,” and said it would “never happen for a black man.”

As Outkick pointed out, several former black players have been hired as head coaches without any experience.

Clay Travis weighed in.

“There seems to be point guard privilege,” Clay said. “This is an example of what I think is all too common in sports today. Only look at the race of the person involved and don’t consider anything else.”

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  1. This is beyond sad. I once respected Mr. Smith when he was equally criticizing all athletes for their lack of performance. He even castigated athletes for violating the NFL marijuana protocol on numerous occasions.. No more. He has joined the rest of the woke mob at ESPN. Since when is a white person not permitted to coach a team of mostly black athletes? I have no idea whether Steve Nash will turn out to be another Phil Jackson. But the Nets have the right to choose their coach. If Nash succeeds, it won’t be because of his skin color.

  2. I think they must have a clause in all these contracts. Every yammering talking head must make a race-baiting comment four times a year or hit some basic minimum. Kind of earning a bonus for working out in the offseason and hitting your prescribed weight when camp opens.

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