Steph Curry Is The Best Player in the NBA Right Now: Dakich Deep Thoughts

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NBA Basketball is the one sport where the GOAT can never be agreed on.

There are different athletes, different systems, totally different styles of play, etc. For me, the best in my lifetime, have been Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Jordan. I didn’t see Wilt, Oscar, Russell, or Cousy in their primes, so it’s Abdul-Jabbar and Jordan for me.

Watching damn near every game of this year’s NBA playoffs has led me to one conclusion …

The current greatest NBA player is Steph Curry.

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Don’t @ me with LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, or any others. The one I’d want to start a team with is Curry. Period.

Curry is to the NBA what Derek Jeter was to the Yankees. A no b****** winner with absolutely no baggage. A very rare find in any sport. Hell, we currently have moronic NBA ANNOUNCERS with more baggage than Curry.

Steph Curry
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Like Jeter, Curry has not made any public mistakes in a world where a misunderstood word can get you dubbed as some sort of “ist” or “phobe” — racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobe, homophobe, and transphobe are all thrown around at the slightest move off of the little liberal script.

Curry stays above it all. A great husband, a loving father, and a devoted son, the dude really is too good to be true. This all would matter to me were I an owner and forced to pay hundreds of millions to my employees.

Steph Curry
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By all accounts and results, Curry is a workaholic and a fantastic teammate. Again, if I’m forking out a quarter of a billion, this would matter.

On the court is where it matters most. Just watch a Golden State Warriors game.

Every night who is the best player? Curry
Who’s the best, most vocal leader? Curry
Who’s the best in the clutch? Curry
Who’s the most respected? Curry
Finally, who’s having the most fun? Curry

Give me that all day, every day.

No sulking, no b*******, no whining, just a guy that looks normal doing incredibly abnormal things.

Curry has appeared in six of the last eight NBA Finals, the leader of a Golden State team that stacks up against any modern-day NBA “dynasty.”  And they stack up because Steph Curry is the best in the game.

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Written by Dan Dakich

Dan Dakich is the host of the Don’t @ Me podcast where he provides his take on all the latest trends in sports, and interviews a variety of high-profile sports figures including Tom Izzo, Urban Meyer, Jim Boeheim, among others.

Previously, Dakich was the host of The Dan Dakich Show on the Indianapolis radio station WFNI, a studio analyst for the Big Ten Network and covered college basketball for ESPN.

Before stepping into broadcasting, Dakich served as the head basketball coach for Bowling Green State University and had brief stints with West Virginia University and Indian University. Dakich also spent many years coaching under Bobby Knight.

Dakich graduated from Indiana University.

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  1. To the limited degree that I care about and follow The NBA … I would agree with Dan Dakich’s assessment. That Curry by all accounts is indeed a man of exemplary character “matters” to me.
    The comparison to Derek Jeter seems appropriate too. JJ Watts might be an NFL comparison.

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