Steelers’ LB Kwon Alexander Fined Nearly $44K For Questionable Hit

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The NFL is making it crystal clear that player safety is a priority this year.

The league slapped Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Kwon Alexander with a $43,709 fine Saturday for his hit on Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Chase Edmonds.

The problem, though, is it looked like a textbook tackle.

“Beautifully done by Kwon Alexander,” the announcer said at the time.

But refs threw the flag for unnecessary roughness. And it looks like the league is sending a message that it won’t tolerate any hits delivered with a lowered head.

The NFL has made noticeable efforts in recent years to make the game safer for players. In addition to adjusting the rules to eliminate hits that often lead to concussions, the league’s new kickoff procedure will significantly decrease the number of collisions on special teams.

And the NFL introduced rule changes this year that further expanded helmet safety. Starting in 2023, a team will receive a 15-yard penalty if its player uses any part of his helmet, face mask or butt to make forcible contact to an opponent’s head or neck area.

All that said, it’s really tough to see what Alexander did wrong on this play.

Social Media Reacts To Kwon Alexander Fine

Former NFL players, as well as media members and fans, weighed in. And the consensus is that no one can figure out why Alexander deserved a nearly $44,000 fine.

Regardless of what we all think about it, though, the NFL is going to do what it wants. And Kwon Alexander’s bank account is $44,000 smaller.

Buckle up, defensive players. This could be an expensive season.

Written by Amber Harding

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