Steel Plate In Florida Man’s Head Saves The Day After Homeless Woman Beats Him With An Axe

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Authorities say a Florida man can thank a steel plate in his head for saving his life after he was struck in the head by an axe swung by 30-year-old homeless woman Cassandra Brooke Hallmark, who was living in a shed. The Citrus County Chronicle reports Hallmark has been charged with attempted premeditated murder with a deadly weapon for her attack on a man with a “double-sided medieval axe.”

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office tells the newspaper that the victim and another man were working on a water pump when steel plate in the head guy “felt a thump on the rear of his head” before being struck a second time.

Ahh, but Hallmark picked the wrong Florida Man to snuff out. This guy had a defense mechanism. “It was later discovered that the victim had a steel plate inserted into the back of his skull,” according to the arrest report, “which may have contributed to him becoming dazed.”

Florida Woman axe attack
via Citrus County Sheriff’s Office

As expected, this wasn’t Hallmark’s first rodeo with the penal system. She’s had a couple of visits with police over the years, but this is definitely the first record of (alleged) premeditated murder with a double-sided axe. It’s Florida, so we all know things just tend to happen in the crime department, but this is definitely some serious escalation.

I set a Google alert for this one because I need to hear what the defense is. Was she mad about having to sleep in the shed. Was there a previous relationship and she wanted revenge? Did he forget to acknowledge her birthday on Facebook?

As for the guy with the steel plate, that’s clearly the best thing to ever happen in his life because it sounds like he might’ve bled out after Cassandra got done with him. The first blow might’ve done the job.

Citrus County Florida
Citrus County Florida

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