States of Emergency: Blue States Rank At The Bottom of U.S. ‘Freedom’ Index

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The CATO Institute releases a yearly ranking of U.S. states that offer the most freedom for their citizens. This metric extends to each state’s financial, societal, and legislative freedoms either granted or restricted.

Living up to the notion of a Blue vs. Red State battle for liberty, Democratic states rounded out the worst places in the nation to offer their citizens with freedoms. Red states, on the other hand, represented some of the most liberating places to live in the nation, according to CATO.

Click the map to see the rankings, state by state:

Stuck to the bottom of the freedom index like stepped-on crap from a Venice sidewalk were New York and California: defining states where Americans are allotted the least amount of freedom, seen by their stringent restrictions and reform that has turned identity politics into a normal aspect of society. New York ranked as the worst (No. 50), followed by Hawaii (No. 49) and California (No. 48). Click the map to see the rankings, state by state:

“The most and least free states are unchanged – New York being the least free, followed by Hawaii and California, and New Hampshire, Florida and Nevada being the most free,” adds the report.

The study also found that the general American population has seen a decrease in rights over the past two decades due to meddling federal leadership.

Appearing near the top of the list was Florida, ranked second overall behind New Hampshire as the two freest states in the U.S.

The selfsame liberals and mainstream media have challenged Florida’s leadership under governor Ron DeSantis. His anti-masking stance and upholding the principle of letting citizens live as they please garnered disagreement from prominent Dems like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who retreated to DeSantis’ coastal hellscape to celebrate the new year.

Labeled “DeathSantis” and a modern incarnation of Hitler by Dems, Ron DeSantis has stuck to their guns and demonstrated a credible exit strategy from the COVID-19 pandemic.

With individuals in Los Angeles, New York City and other examples of liberal policies stirring fear of indefinite oversight related to the pandemic, the data shows that these Blue counties and states are far from improving — unabashedly getting worse as crime rates and cost of living shoot up.

Indoor patronage without proof of vaccination or mask-wearing becomes a relic of the past in these once-great states like New York or California.

Top 1-10

  1. New Hampshire

2. Florida

3. Nevada

4. Tennessee

5. South Dakota

6. Indiana

7. Michigan

8. Georgia

9. Arizona

10. Idaho

Bottom 40-50

40. Mississippi

41. Rhode Island

42. New Mexico

43. Vermont

44. Delaware

45. Maryland

46. Oregon

47. New Jersey

48. California

49. Hawaii

50. New York

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Pretty accurate list. I mean, California is trying to add universal healthcare to it’s list of means to drive it’s citizens east. It won’t actually happen, but this is how dangerous the thinking is there. Any day now, they will be China. Now they are aiming for Texas. Keeping Austin weird was a calling card for those assholes. Straight to the Texas capital come marching the blue checkmarks. Brace yourselves

  2. That’s funny because if you look at the Poorest and least educated states in America they are red states run by Republican legislatures. Imagine that

    ..See January 6th Domestic Terrorist attack on the US Capitol as an example. ijs

    • Your last point is a ridiculous logical fallacy. Your first point is a simpleton’s view and deserves several Pinocchio’s at best. Cost of living and quality of life also matters, moron. If you adjust for this, ND, SD, WY and NE all rank near the top in terms of economic health and NM and Hawaii are right near the bottom. Also, it is well known that leftist bastions of wealth NY and NJ have their income stats skewed by the wealthy “haves” who offset a very large number of poor underclass. CA is firmly in the middle. Anyhoo, people cannot leave these leftist crap-holes fast enough, you imbecile. That is the number one metric of livability and economic opportunity. Grow a brain.

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