State Of Union Address Felt Like Open Mic Night From Joe Biden: Tomi Lahren

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Last night President Joe Biden wanted you to believe he’s a uniter, a guy that gets the job done and he was really excited about it given the fact he yelled most of his speech. 

It’s time for Final Thoughts

Like I said folks, I watched the State of the Union so you didn’t have to and had I watched it on mute with my eyes closed I might’ve been impressed but I also would’ve missed these moments of sheer comedy and utter BS. 

I mean that pretty much sums it up, guys. 

How he was able to pretend he is a unifier, a tax cutter, a middle class bolster, and forgotten American remembered, – I’m just really not sure. 

Maybe he really has forgotten everything he’s done in the last two years. 

US President Joe Biden speaks about his economic plan at LIUNA Training Center in DeForest, Wisconsin, on February 8, 2023. – (Photo by Mandel NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

But there was one part of the speech – above all others – that really chapped my behind…

Where he attempted to use the death of Tyre Nichols – who he called Tyler by the way – killed by 5 black men, to race bait and claim policing is systemically racist. 

I’m gonna go ahead and point out the obvious, I am very white, and my parents, also very white. Yet, when I was young my parents had that mystical “talk” with me too. They told me to keep my hands where the officer could see them, told me not to reach for anything, told me to comply with the officer, be polite, and do what I was told. 

That’s called basic decency and basic parenting. It’s also called “how everyone stays ALIVE 101!” 

And if the alternative is telling your kids to disobey officers, grab their weapons, try to run away or actively resist arrest, well therein lies the problem we keep repeatedly encountering in this country. 

My parents didn’t teach me how to conduct myself around officers because police are bad, they told me these things because they know what I also know and most of you listening also know, police officers have to pull over every vehicle with the mindset they could be attacked, ambushed, ran over, shot and killed which is WHY the “talk” Joe tried to crap on, is so important. 

When you show officers a basic level of respect, guess what happens, EVERYONE LIVES TO SEE THE LIGHT OF THE NEXT FREAKIN DAY!

I’m so sick and tired of Democrat politicians in this country throwing our officers under the bus and selling their profession down the river. 

Joe didn’t talk about it Tuesday night but we have a massive crime problem in the USA on his watch and the only people out there trying to do a damn thing about it are the officers he and his comrade repeatedly crap on. 

I’m sick of it. 

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Written by Tomi Lahren

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