Starting 11: Notre Dame Wins a Big Game Edition

Total93 It has been an absolutely wild week for the country, but thankfully we had college football to power us through on Saturday. And if you’re a Fighting Irish fan waking up this morning, rejoice! Your team finally won the proverbial big game. And in so doing squarely launched itself into the middle of the More

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Written by Clay Travis

Clay Travis is an author, radio show host, lawyer, TV analyst, and the founder of OutKick (formerly known as Outkick the Coverage).
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  1. -Notre Dame should be number 1. There is zero argument to be made for bama other than ‘they’re bama’, which is a form of using past seasons to dictate what we think about a team now. That’s supposedly VERBOTTEN in the CFP era.

    -There is zero reason to assume if Florida and bama make it to Atlanta for the conference title game, that bama is automatically the winner…’because they’re bama’. People did that for yesterday’s game against Georgia, ‘cuz it’s UGA and they have da five stah ackaleets’ despite the fact that anybody with a functioning brain, as Clay likes to say, could see Georgia couldn’t win a shootout, and that there was almost no way that they could avoid the game becoming a shootout with their poor performance against bama’s offense and all their defensive injuries.

    -FAUXVID hysteria goes one of two ways: 1. It was used to dislodge the Orange Ogre and destroy the economy that he should be credited for creating; 2. It’s continued to be used as a way to control us by the totalitarian leftists and their deep state allies. Tyranny only needs an excuse to implement itself. If the left wants to ignore FAUXVID under a Harris presidency, that’s fine: The American people WILL NOT FORGET their hypocrisy. Their victory in the presidential election is nothing but a Phyrric victory that will cost them dearly in 2022, 2024 and beyond – keep in mind: gerrymandering occurs every ten years and the Republicans just won huge advantages at the state and local level nationwide. The only way they can fuck this up is if they squander the gains that they made with minorities under Trump. I’m not certain I trust them to NOT fuck it up, but we’ll see I guess.

    • And the gerrymandering is going to happen I believe within the next two years if I’m not mistaken. Dems are freaking out at their losses nationwide; the only people jubilant at Biden/Harris are their LCD base who know NOTHING about politics, and whom many won’t be there for them in future elections because Trump won’t be on the ballot.

    • Oh Freddy:
      “The only way they can fuck this up is if they squander the gains that they made with minorities under Trump. I’m not certain I trust them to NOT fuck it up, but we’ll see I guess.”
      2016 should give you the answer to this. CLEAR Mandate from the people, “WE DON’T WANT POLITICS AS USUAL”
      Guess what ALL the beltway insider gave us? Yup, Politics as usual. and then midterms and need I say more.
      Track records show us: THEY WILL FUCK IT UP!

  2. Thank you for continually calling out the media hypocrisy and the coronabros. I’ve recently decided to divorce with social media, but it’s always fun to come here and see you still dunking on folks.

    On another tangent, I’m a master’s student at Liberty University after growing up in Big Ten country, season tickets in East Lansing. It’s been fascinating to see what Liberty has done with its facilities. They are obviously smaller than the big boys, but the money is there. They have plenty of money to give Freeze a nice bump if he isn’t interested in the openings. Everyone in Lynchburg remains optimistic a conference will offer an invitation in the near future.

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